Canada's largest #STEM outreach organization inspiring the next generation of innovators through hands-on STEM and #digital #skills building experiences.

Ottawa, ON

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Congratulations to @ScienceMin & @MinisterISED on your amazing work advocating for youth in #STEM! #Budget2017

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Engineering Outreach

Congratulations @ActuaCanada @ActuaCEO on being highlighted in #Budget2017 @uoftengineering @UofTEngOutreach is a p… https://t.co/19YF2Q9FR5

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Jennifer Flanagan

So happy to see significant focus on #STEM skills, coding/digital and youth engagement. @ActuaCanada can't wait to get to work. #Budget2017

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Thank you @dawntegwen from our network member @UofTEngOutreach @UofT for your support in joining us at #Budget2017 speech today! #cdnpoli

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Huge congratulations to our partner @Indspire on your success in #Budget2017! https://t.co/FwrcOMezwD

Huge congratulations to our partner @Indspire on your success in #Budg...

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communiqué de presse: Actua mis en valeur dans discours sur le budget fédéral 2017 https://t.co/xIFBvJLpd6 #Budget2017 #cdnpoli 🇨🇦

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News Release: Actua highlighted in #Budget2017 speech https://t.co/SsAaKb6ZLX #cdnpoli

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We are thrilled to have formal tri-sector support for early engagement in building #STEM & #digital skills among Cdn 🇨🇦 youth. #Budget2017

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Proud to see Actua & @LearningCode recognized in #Budget2017 as leaders in building digital skills & confidence among 🇨🇦 youth! #cdnpoli

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Geering Up

#Kelowna friends: come say hi to our Actua buddies today @GOV_Conference! We weren't able to make it but we sent ro… https://t.co/Ok8OtAOaKI

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On-site @GOV_Conference in Kelowna BC w/ @ScienceVenture delivering #Codemakers workshops to 1,500+ #Indigenous you… https://t.co/aqldnxpsT9

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Invite your kids or students to participate by making their own Google Doodle! #doodle #win #canada150 https://t.co/DjNBRFKAOq

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Nous sommes ravis d'avoir/excited to have @ToyotaCanada on our #MakerMobile tour! #ToyotaCanadaFoundation… https://t.co/u7swdiQBWM

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"High-tech sector looks to federal budget to spark innovation boom, deliver skilled workforce" @ActuaCEO https://t.co/tHVVIsr13v #Budget2017

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Power & Politics

.@ActuaCEO says the message from the gov't needs to be clear: youth engagement is part of the innovation ecosystem… https://t.co/umzZ6cAPxY

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.@ActuaCEO on live @PnPCBC with @RosieBarton talking inclusive innovation and early skills training #pnpcbc https://t.co/8IIUrVvuro

.@ActuaCEO on live @PnPCBC with @RosieBarton talking inclusive innovat...

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Tune in to see @ActuaCEO live on @PnPCBC tonight 6:30 p.m.! #cdnpoli

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Amazing news. Congratulations Maggie Macdonnell! @TeacherPrize https://t.co/Qub0xNu1cb

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"What do you see when you picture a scientist?... This portrait will smash that stereotype to bits" https://t.co/bN6ixoFkNf #WomeninSTEM

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Creative Encounters

Fun with STEM @guelphengineer @CollegeRoyal #NEM2017 @actuacanada https://t.co/CBVc6XFhOR

Fun with STEM @guelphengineer @CollegeRoyal #NEM2017 @actuacanada http...

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