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The official account of #AUFC, South Australia's professional football team in the @ALeague. Get the latest updates direct from the Club!

Adelaide, South Australia

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Adelaide United FC

Best of luck to our very own @McgreeRiley and the @Socceroos tonight against Iraq! 🇦🇺⚽️ #AUFC #ForeverUnited https://t.co/bDvl0YYolU

Best of luck to our very own @McgreeRiley and the @Socceroos tonight a...

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Ben Garuccio

Best of luck to my boy @McgreeRiley tonight!! Hoping you get on in a big win! Enjoy every second ❤⚽️ #socceroo

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Adelaide United FC

Do yourself a favour and revel in this banter-ific interview with @taylorreegs! 😂 #AUFC #ForeverUnited https://t.co/8mhUEaz3Xx

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Thanks to @AdelaideUnited stars Taylor Regan & Jesse Makarounas for supporting the Telstra TeamKids Castle build! >… https://t.co/wmUNNhsDqE

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Adelaide United FC

Our squad is in and a star midfielder returns to the selection mix. #AUFC #ForeverUnited 🔴 More:… https://t.co/U2EgwgPJ8y

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Adelaide United FC

Congratulations to Barossa United Junior Soccer Club who scored big in the @HyundaiG4GR on Sunday! #AUFC… https://t.co/sn6pAZtB33

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Help @AdelaideUnited players Jesse Makarounas & Taylor Regan build the @Telstra @TeamKidsSA Castle, 2pm today @ Tel… https://t.co/TQi5CrVXqK

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Adelaide United FC

Re-live the drama of Sunday in our #ADLvBRI match gallery! #AUFC #ForeverUnited 📷 View Gallery:… https://t.co/zKsDB291nM

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Adelaide United FC

.@McgreeRiley has received some advice from a @Socceroos legend. #AUFC #ForeverUnited 📰 Read more:… https://t.co/k6FJuiENWS

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Adelaide United FC

It was a frantic finish to Sunday's match to say the least. Hear @DylanMcGowan91's take on it all… #AUFC… https://t.co/nSxnclj9pH

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Adelaide United FC

.@DylanMcGowan91 shares his thoughts following Sunday's drama filled win. #AUFC #ForeverUnited 📰 Read More:… https://t.co/Mz37KvMYAD

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Marcelo Carrusca

Fighting until the last minute. Happy for the result and disappointed for the red card. It's… https://t.co/DhqbsFUlNA

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Jordan Elsey

Day 187 📅 20/2/2017 Just passed the 6 month mark on my rehab, it has flown by! Things are… https://t.co/Zw14B7WTFM

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Mark Ochieng

More life 🌺🙏🏾 #childhooddream @ Coopers Stadium https://t.co/s0WzyXxFA7

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Adelaide United FC

Like sands through the hourglass... ⏳ #AUFC #ForeverUnited 📺 Match Highlights: https://t.co/HdxffB8j1c https://t.co/bYLXAHqOje

Like sands through the hourglass... ⏳ #AUFC #ForeverUnited

📺 Match Hi...

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One more stop before we land in Iran and get into camp with the Socceroos. @McgreeRiley 🙌🏽⚽️🇦🇺 https://t.co/KIdT5IDaro

One more stop before we land in Iran and get into camp with the Soccer...

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Adelaide United YT

A tough loss after taking the lead. Well done to the Reserves for another win! #AUFC #ForeverUnited 📰 Match Report… https://t.co/6OhjdXYq18

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Ben Garuccio

@taylorreegs seriously man does your old man pick the team of the weeks or something? 🤔

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Adelaide United FC

Congrats to @taylorreegs, Baba Diawara and Gui Amor on making the @ALeague Team of the Week! #AUFC #ForeverUnited… https://t.co/TnNX9eltKB

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Adelaide United FC

.@taylorreegs recaps a dramatic game that won't soon be forgotten. #AUFC #ForeverUnited 📰 Read More:… https://t.co/j5lM1MxYIp

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