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Talks Machina

Momocon Panel! Talks Machina with Brian Foster, Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray and Taliesin Jaffe at 1PM ET /10AM PS on Saturday, May 27!

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These brand new VOX MACHINA t-shirts will be available THURSDAY! Alpha members get 10% off through… https://t.co/vMKrV0xPoO

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We have close-ups of Liam's cast miniatures on our Instagram stories! See em all now. https://t.co/YviFrI2GHu… https://t.co/l64kRlQDyl

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This is what happens when you allow the community to help you build an NPC. ISN'T IS WONDERFUL?! https://t.co/2KuSscrPow

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Behold the true magic of the internet. What a glorious age in which we live. https://t.co/Cz2zE6xK8v

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Today in the history of the internet, @matthewmercer does a live Q&A in a silk robe. Just for you. 4PT… https://t.co/nyKo15NPVC

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#AlphaBookClub! We've got a special guest tomorrow: @TheOrlandoJones! Join us starting @ 6pm PST on @jointeamalpha… https://t.co/2s6SjrjtwT

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....Alpha Coloring Book Club? https://t.co/TOh1U8JSHK

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#ACBC is reading @neilhimself's Sandman: Vol. 1.! Grab a copy: https://t.co/dPfwUYjrOx Then join us at 6:15pm PST M… https://t.co/lleImaHsbA

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ICYMI: Next week's Alpha Comic Book Club read is @neilhimself's Sandman Vol.1 Preludes & Nocturnes… https://t.co/EWSEihXkGL

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This week on The @NerdistSchool of Improv, sing it loud and proud when they teach you 🎵musical improv!🎵 Watch now a… https://t.co/aEpenCqadQ

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It's #WorldPenguinDay and the GIF party has already begun. Join in! 🐧 https://t.co/L9grjLIoHm

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