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God, Family & Country; Sports Fitness & Vegan; Psychotherapist, Relationship Counselor & Fixer; I Fight 4 the Wrongfully Incarcerated & Animals #NRA #Trump 🇺🇸


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Amy Mek

How long before non-Muslims will be forced 2 live under sharia? This is how it begins... Sharia courts LEGALLY ope… https://t.co/dezBJ83Lg2

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Amy Mek

This is Multiculturalism? Muslims believe in ONE Culture.... 5,000 Muslims (Soldiers for Allah) march through the… https://t.co/bCO47mVWWN

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Amy Mek

"Western nations have based their way of life on Judeo-Christian values of the Bible; a book outlawed by ISLAM under penalty of DEATH"

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Amy Mek

Until Muslims give the same rights to non-Muslims as to Muslims, the same rights to women as to men, Muslims have no right to demand a thing

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Amy Mek

BRITAIN FIRST party leader @GoldingBF has been arrested, harassed & smeared by the British Gov't 4 speaking the TRU… https://t.co/xMWUIfg2JD

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Truth Bombers

A picture can say a thousand words. Moments after the London muslim terrorist attack a group of people ran to help… https://t.co/PM6Pic8u0N

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Amy Mek

Instead of the UK Parliament protesting Trump’s immigration ban, they should have been more concerned with the TERRORISTS in their country!

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Amy Mek

Does London regret Electing A MUSLIM Mayor Who Defended 9/11 Terrorists, Hates Gays, Jews & calls "Moderates", 'Unc… https://t.co/MKiCf7V53g

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Amy Mek

Europe was warned: Gaddafi cautioned Tony Blair of jihadi threats to Europe, “If I go down, Europe goes black” UK… https://t.co/f4zPfjCpH1

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Amy Mek

Muslim Terrorist Report for just this past WEEK! Attacks: 39 Killed: 288 Injured: 395 Suicide Blasts:11 Countries:13 #London #Parliament

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Amy Mek

How many more innocent people need 2 die before we admit that Europe, America, & the WORLD, has an Islam problem?… https://t.co/IqaTPRXUAu

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Amy Mek

#MyPresident on December 10, 2015! Thank you @POTUS for fighting to Protect Americans! #London #PrayForLondon… https://t.co/1ljQKH6ZOP

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Amy Mek

Shameful! In front of the UK Parliament - Brits Stand Idly By & WATCH Muslims claim their city for Allah!… https://t.co/wR5SXjiIPE

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Amy Mek

#PrayForLondon to RISE UP! A Muslim Terrorist who wants to behead gays is welcomed in the UK, while a Christian Po… https://t.co/poemnSEjBo

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Amy Mek

Islamic Enrichment in NYC... NYPD now taking "heavy weapons" to major NYC landmarks to Protect us from the "Religi… https://t.co/DwDRH3Ml2k

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Dr. Marty Fox

The President The #Left Calls A #Nazi Boycotts The Muslim Dominated Anti #Israel #UN Human Rights Council… https://t.co/5kwbcljZsl

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Jordan 🇺🇸 MAGA

Hey Liberals, It's Time To Wake Up!! No Matter How Nice You Are To Terrorists, They STILL Want To Kill You.… https://t.co/0Ct0nWy3pU

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God Bless people like @TRobinsonNewEra who expose Islam and the left that enables them! #PrayForLondon https://t.co/bjauCkhAE7

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Nancy ن

#PrayForLondon We wouldn't want to alienate or insult #islam 😡 #allahuAkbar🕋🕌 #londonattack #Trump protect America… https://t.co/6gWnwYVNgh

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Islam Apologists are out in force, Blaming Jihad on #Brexit ! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Jihad is around 1400 years. Jihad is what Caused #Brexit

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