A stigmergic method of collaboration and the people who use it. We support the weak against the powerful. Help #Getgee below. #Anonymous public relations.

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Just keep it real ppl in the age of the internet no one should follow any org/person blindly. Do your research and draw your own conclusions

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RedHack ★

You may stop this individual, but you can't stop us all... after all, we're all alike. #RedHack #Anonymous brother… https://t.co/qlmfPexATh

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When the eggs and bots start yelping "misinformation! NATO propaganda! Not REAL ANON!" that is when we know we are on the right path.

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Nope..they should be cautious about you. https://t.co/Kx1Dk4cO3A

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Liz Lawless 🦎

No one speaks officially for #Anonymous -- cuz no "leaders." But there r several accounts that represent consensus.… https://t.co/zcNBwlLvfO

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Liz Lawless 🦎

@KrystalMC0912 After a year I've learned. @YourAnonCentral is reliable. Don't take my word for it; don't take anyone's word for anything. 🙂

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Krystal C

@LizWill99 @YourAnonCentral guess it depends on which anon group you've been following. Never know which of them to trust either

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Nathaniel Lauharn

@Fourhundredan20 @YourAnonCentral When the messenger selectively withholds information and context, you can't trust message either.

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Phil Jezard

@YourAnonCentral The world is to complex for your good and bad rhetoric, the message is more important than the messenger #itsallfucked

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White Nationalist can only grow if we let them. We have to fight back. https://t.co/hvFbg2h1b7

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Rusty Shackleford

Nationalist resurgence isn't coincidental; Kremlin aggitation, misinfo, disinfo, sewing distrust of Western gov&int… https://t.co/H5uQewYt0b

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Linda Hanson

Fascinating thread. https://t.co/FTMrs33iiF

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Argüs Czarlórd O)))

@YourAnonCentral the heterozygous nature of your organization is intriguing...as is its ability to auto immunize and stay on message...🤘🏻

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