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BBC Presenter, Journalist, & Weatherman. Walk the Line & Weather Watchers TV series. Event host. Passion for travel. Love sci-fi. barra.best@bbc.co.uk

Belfast, Ireland

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Barra Best

A triple whammy this weekend - tons of dry and sunny weather, clocks go forward bringing brighter nights, and it's… https://t.co/e4FraCL48e

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Cloudy mid morning in @LustyBegIsland @newslineweather @barrabest @WeatherCee https://t.co/NmOqyso7eg

Cloudy mid morning in @LustyBegIsland @newslineweather @barrabest @Wea...

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Barra Best

A big happy birthday to @bbcradioulster's @kerry_mclean. Tortured with selfies. 🍾🎉 https://t.co/mcFfuZ9Acy

A big happy birthday to @bbcradioulster's @kerry_mclean. Tortured with...

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Barra Best

Twelve "new" types of cloud have been recognised for the first time by the International Cloud Atlas.… https://t.co/3VcxRZtFYC

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Happy Thursday from #Wexford #FridayFeeling on a #Thursday @WhatsOnWOW https://t.co/UIiQr9DEM9

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Whale Watch WestCork

A bright, cool and blustery day in beautiful #WestCork @barrabest @angie_weather @deric_hartigan @yaycork https://t.co/c7iyKQbR04

A bright, cool and blustery day in  beautiful #WestCork

@barrabest @a...

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Barra Best

Today's World Meteorological Day- celebrating the long-awaited International #Cloud Atlas. Share your cloud photos… https://t.co/yQYezAQcfB

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BBC Breaking News

Eiffel Tower in Paris turns off its lights in mark of respect to #Westminster terror attack https://t.co/86W3BGGHr0 https://t.co/KPI72eq4wM

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liam hughes

Cold and wet night on CaveHill tonight @barrabest @WeatherCee @angie_weather @BelfastLive @love_belfast @belfastcc… https://t.co/UlDcKvRWyk

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Every sunset is an opportunity to reset by Richie Norton. @StormHour @barrabest @newslineweather @ThePhotoHour… https://t.co/qxNxpaN9TG

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IoH Northern Ireland

V important host-y convos taking place @cafolla99 @barrabest @PamBallantine #IOH2017 https://t.co/dI8HwNjJDy

V important host-y convos taking place @cafolla99 @barrabest @PamBalla...

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Tara Morgan

City views from the top floor of the Convention Centre ☝️ @PhotosOfDublin @VisitDublin @ireland @OldDublinTown… https://t.co/AOm1WTWKcl

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