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Actor. Singer. Boy. Currently Evan Hansen in @DearEvanHansen on Broadway.


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Ben Platt

There's nothing better than this. https://t.co/nNCozWu0JL

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Ben Platt

We enjoy each other's company https://t.co/TvvZT0vKyF

We enjoy each other's company https://t.co/TvvZT0vKyF

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Ben Platt

Happy Father's Day, @PlattMarc. You're my hero in every sense. (Thanks for capturing this, @Lin_Manuel) https://t.co/LrUwnbVpgV

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Ben Platt

Tonight's @DearEvanHansen was one for the history books. Thank you to the fans who came & showered us with love. My ❤️is filled to the brim.

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Dear Evan Hansen

To our friends & fans playing our music #OnRepeat: Thank you for putting our #OBCR at #1 on @iTunes.… https://t.co/IOP19s8Ct1

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Jonah Platt

My brother, the Tony winner! @BenSPLATT #TonyAwards2017 https://t.co/5RJRCdixhr

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Ben Platt

And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true https://t.co/V5LZCgaG9G

And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true https://t.co...

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Center Theatre Group

#ThrowbackThursday: Congrats, Ahmanson alum @BenSPlatt on @DearEvanHansen #TonyNoms. 👏🏻 from your “Dead End” and “C… https://t.co/BwYjO7u6qt

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WATCH: @DearEvanHansen star @BenSPLATT talks about how he prepares for his physically and emotionally demanding rol… https://t.co/ZiDqTbhHED

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Entertainment Weekly

We went behind the scenes with @BenSPLATT and the cast of Tony-nominated musical @DearEvanHansen:… https://t.co/GO9yIC10em

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Ben Platt

Welp, so much for no crying on the day off. https://t.co/cJwciC9GQ5

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Ben Platt

Shoutout to the amazing @DearEvanHansen crew and stage managers for expertly handling a tech mishap today without stopping the show! #Heroes

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Ben Platt

Literally jumping up and down alone in my apartment. @abbijacobson @ilazer https://t.co/p7jFkCm6Jx

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Ben Platt

I will be accompanying you on the piano. https://t.co/E5jVvHdMHm

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.@DearEvanHansen's @BenSPLATT talks Tony season, @Beyonce worship and more: https://t.co/HxQDZnxUtN https://t.co/WRVYt7vPjC

.@DearEvanHansen's @BenSPLATT talks Tony season, @Beyonce worship and...

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Ben Platt

Preach. https://t.co/P1G6LCFC2h

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The View

THIS MORNING ON @THEVIEW: #DearEvanHansen's @BenSPLATT joins the table to talk his buzzworthy musical and more! https://t.co/s3e4y4I5Ng

THIS MORNING ON @THEVIEW: #DearEvanHansen's @BenSPLATT joins the table...

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Dear Evan Hansen

"Resonance." "Endurance." @charlierose explores the impact of #DearEvanHansen: https://t.co/A4wVpg4Aqu https://t.co/yx38tHcOok

'Resonance.' 'Endurance.'
@charlierose explores the impact of #DearEva...

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.@DearEvanHansen Tony nominee @BenSPLATT receives Sardi's portrait: https://t.co/QEgn9eMpkG https://t.co/bpTTGx3OTz

.@DearEvanHansen Tony nominee @BenSPLATT receives Sardi's portrait: ht...

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