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Sen. Bernie Sanders is the longest serving independent in congressional history. Tweets ending in -B are from Bernie, and all others are from a staffer.


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Anderson Cooper

joining me now for an intv on health care, @SenSanders @AC360

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Bernie Sanders

I hope Mitch McConnell listened to what the demonstrators had to say outside his office today. https://t.co/J1DeAiCTXy

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Bernie Sanders

We should take this pathetic health care bill, throw it in the garbage can and do something that will work for ordinary Americans instead.

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Bernie Sanders

It is rather strange that our president seems more comfortable with autocrats and authoritarians than democratic leaders. #BernieCEIP

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Bernie Sanders

There should be widespread concern not only with Trump’s attacks on the media but with his disregard for separation of powers. #BernieCEIP

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Bernie Sanders

We must do everything we can to preserve our democracy and oppose the current drift toward authoritarianism Trump represents. #BernieCEIP

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Josh Miller-Lewis

Sen. Sanders speaking now at @CarnegieEndow on the rise of authoritarianism in the US and around the world. https://t.co/7rpU3PNIlm

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Bernie Sanders

The bill Republicans announced today is even worse than expected and by far the most harmful piece of legislation I… https://t.co/v3qpAjLFZz

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Carnegie Endowment

Starting soon--@SenSanders delivers remarks on global democracy. Watch live: https://t.co/iR21TMYOFb https://t.co/jk5i2vp55N

Starting soon--@SenSanders delivers remarks on global democracy. Watch...

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Bernie Sanders

I can't remember a president who has had more authoritarian tendencies than Trump. https://t.co/25JyEVsRIM

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Bernie Sanders

28 million Americans still have no health insurance and millions more are under-insured. We absolutely cannot let more people lose insurance

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Bernie Sanders

The women of America deserve better than 13 male senators deciding the future of their health care behind closed doors.

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Bernie Sanders

Native Americans and activists will continue the fight against DAPL until this dangerous pipeline is stopped.… https://t.co/GHLS58Ld0N

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Bernie Sanders

We are not going back to the days when being a woman was considered a pre-existing condition.

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Carnegie Endowment

Tomorrow-@SenSanders discusses threats to global democracy at Carnegie. Watch the livestream at 11 a.m.:… https://t.co/7Vr7m0lZn7

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Bernie Sanders

I had the pleasure of sitting down with my good friend @SenWarren to discuss the secret Republican health care plan. https://t.co/20JX7PYuY4

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Bernie Sanders

The House passed health care bill is the worst piece of legislation I have seen in my lifetime. https://t.co/qYEc0tFS2M

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