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PROUD Supporter of #PresidentTrump fighting one Tweet at a time MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !! Retweeted by @realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸🇺🇸 #AmericaFirst

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Brian Fraser

"#PresidentTrump cares about the American people, and not the special interests." ~ @KatrinaPierson #AmericaFirst… https://t.co/z3eg7B7eQd

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Brian Fraser

"#Trump needs to focus on his promises to the country. The opposition is trying to get him off track. They want him… https://t.co/5AWVajmmfT

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Brian Fraser

"#Comey's answers were pathetic. He has too much power to be as politically clever as he is." ~ @newtgingrich https://t.co/e00Ac0kDtC

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Brian Fraser

“A number of people have been committing felonies. They have been deliberately leaking secrets in a way which is il… https://t.co/AMMZvOIyvA

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Brian Fraser

"Get the bill in there, actually work it, and...try to make it better. That's what we are sent down there to do." ~… https://t.co/UjgU6Ytu07

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Brian Fraser

"Things can turn overnight when you're bringing in these masses of people from very, very different cultures." ~… https://t.co/UX22CoUZ4E

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Brian Fraser

🚨🚨 ALERT "#ObamaAdmin spent $36M in taxpayer money to cover legal costs of hiding documents from the press" Where… https://t.co/PE4MQ93bTM

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Brian Fraser

"97% of donations given by justice dept employees went to #Clinton.so who do you think their bias is in favor of?"… https://t.co/u7NmefVzdx

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Brian Fraser

"It's an explosive question, but someone should've asked Comey and Rogers if they were the ones who unmasked inform… https://t.co/CPRBD7UQ2F

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Brian Fraser

"The deep state will do almost anything, including breaking the law to undermine the #TrumpAdministration" ~… https://t.co/GgNf4APH8r

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Brunell Donald-Kyei,

It may be that the Lord will look on the wrong done to me, and that the Lord  will repay me with good. 2 Samuel 16:… https://t.co/94Jj045sHv

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Dr. Dave Janda 🇺🇸

THIS 7 Min Video Presents the Whistleblower info onThe Bombshell- Who Wiretapped Trump https://t.co/iGgkBXmy89 via @YouTube

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Dr. Dave Janda 🇺🇸

The General Tom Mcinnerney interview that blew open the truth about Obama's NSA/CIA tapping @realDonaldTrump :… https://t.co/RTbzDRxuu5

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Dr. Dave Janda 🇺🇸

As Gen Mcinnerney outed on OpFreedom #TheHammer Nunes Must Ask FBI's Comey About Montgomery Mass Surveillance Case https://t.co/rkyTpO5xIT

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Dr. Dave Janda 🇺🇸

NYPD outs the FBI:Seized Laptop Shows Hillary Covered Up Weiner’s Alleged Sex Crimes With 15 yr old During Election https://t.co/DcvUQZObJq

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Dr. Dave Janda 🇺🇸

The Pedophile Case must be close to breaking: Media Matters founder David Brock suffers heart attack https://t.co/BvEQnffpLN @zerohedge

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Dr. Dave Janda 🇺🇸

Impossible:Brock The Criminal Globalist Hack doesn't have a heart! #NoCodeTheScum @Lrihendry @bfraser747… https://t.co/DFLCNxhSGx

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Brian Fraser

CONGRATULATIONS @docdhj for 10K followers. Dr. Dave Janda is a great patriots. Be sure to catch his show & great tw… https://t.co/vyENRQugKb

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10 years ago a hired political gun did hired political gun stuff in the global marketplace NOT "mysterious" P.s. O… https://t.co/vwEGXqjAOT

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Traditional American

Please meet :Candidate for #congress in 43rd District of #California & supporter of the #Constitution.… https://t.co/jYRhSnG4dm

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