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#Quote of the day from South Korean President Moon Jae-in: https://t.co/rfw49gh6P8

#Quote of the day from South Korean President Moon Jae-in: https://t.c...

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Check out @stevenacook's new book, False Dawn, explaining how and why the Arab uprisings failed:… https://t.co/zupVjbAch4

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James M. Lindsay

#OnThisDay in 1956 Pres. Eisenhower signed National Interstate and Defense Highways Act. #SmartGovernmentSpending https://t.co/Jh8mZU3FoJ

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Tensions with North Korea are expected to be the focus of Trump's meeting with South Korean Pres. Moon Jae-in today… https://t.co/F7OuPboaw6

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South America once turned left. Now the region is turning to deadlock: https://t.co/Lu5vpDUZcv by @taylorlatam

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How do guest workers come to the U.S.? Here's what to know about the Temporary Foreign Worker Program: https://t.co/lMliVX0sBZ

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US & UK govts are using visa denial to call attention to the need for human rights investigations: https://t.co/p8yKsjpPW8 via @CFR_Africa

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The U.S. national debt now exceeds $14 trillion. How would Trump's proposed reforms affect it? https://t.co/K1rKe1bMLL

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Mohammed bin Salman's elevation as crown prince raises questions about Saudi stability, says @stevenacook: https://t.co/IopRFJ31T2

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🎧 After 70 years of low-profile defense activities, Japan is poised to reinvent its national security posture: https://t.co/7kVuPuKdbd

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Varun Sivaram

I just joined @facebooklive at @AspenIdeas Festival, where @laxmisarathy interviewed me re energy innovation. Watch… https://t.co/X4UEYFVWdZ

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As the 20th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong from Britain to China approaches, here's what to know: https://t.co/GemFm7ADEU

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Tweet your suggestion using #twnw for a chance to have it featured on The World Next Week! https://t.co/90WrBnkBXB

Tweet your suggestion using #twnw for a chance to have it featured on...

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To rein in NSA’s monitoring of US citizens’ communications, Congress needs to reform section 702 https://t.co/uVPIwz7CJy by @Laura_K_Donohue

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As the FBI reorients toward counterterrorism, is it overreaching? https://t.co/H4JfnAZTFr

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In addition to having more and better data, we also need to make better use of the data we already have https://t.co/Xks1zF83VG via @CFR_WFP

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Under Trump, world leaders are losing confidence in U.S. leadership and alliance https://t.co/5HRftki8nI via @CFR_IIGG

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Last night, a helicopter attacked Venezuela's Supreme Court. Here's what to know about the country's ongoing crisis: https://t.co/OkVaREU4hu

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As politicians purposefully polarize society for political profit, the result is rage & violence: https://t.co/jhob3F8Jcl by @stevenacook

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#Quote of the day from Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, on a global ransomware attack: https://t.co/w8FqrFnj90

#Quote of the day from Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, on...

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