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Keep track of ongoing conflicts around the world and how they could affect the US: https://t.co/SepEafqbnF via… https://t.co/X3fINzVvCK

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The economic costs of Brexit are becoming more apparent, says Robert Kahn: https://t.co/x3U6t3nQmp https://t.co/MD1qdiZ5ZT

The economic costs of Brexit are becoming more apparent, says Robert K...

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🎧 What does the outcome of the French presidential election mean for U.S. policy? Listen to The President's Inbox:… https://t.co/fzLjOvVX6s

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China’s policies have done little to deter North Korea's nuclear ambitions. Will that change? https://t.co/OSw5yAJdSB

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As Venezuela prepares to leave the OAS, get the background on the organization and its role in the Americas: https://t.co/GXqUPe0OwV

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As Trump reaches his 100th day in office, CFR experts analyze his foreign policy so far: https://t.co/WEjPsmWNTV https://t.co/tahO8bZhRY

As Trump reaches his 100th day in office, CFR experts analyze his fore...

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Iran is not living up to the "spirit" of the #IranDeal, says Trump. Learn more about the deal & Iran's obligations: https://t.co/EGCRcEpdS2

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The French election is a referendum on globalization, with implications for the world, says Philip Gordon: https://t.co/HFIqZdJwog

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"What was once unthinkable is now unremarkable," writes @MaxBoot: https://t.co/HgXhp4D1Ga

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NATO's role has evolved since its creation in 1949: https://t.co/5LhAhNVCwJ https://t.co/BoFhVShsG3

NATO's role has evolved since its creation in 1949: https://t.co/5LhAh...

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James M. Lindsay

I will be live on Facebook at 1 pm ET with @shannonkoneil to discuss the crisis in #Venezuela.… https://t.co/WsgTpU4LPk

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What's next for economic policy in Europe? Robert Kahn's take after the first round of French elections: https://t.co/2QYoFbBlUA

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Preventive Action

5 killed near Kashmir's Line of Control after fighters attack military camp. More on the conflict:… https://t.co/z9oscLYs7j

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Shannon O'Neil

Speaking with @FoxNews this AM on the significance of President Macri's visit to the White House. Watch live here: https://t.co/eRbnwBDZtY

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CFR Geoeconomics

Expansionary EU fiscal policy could improve global trade balance & raise employment. But that's not happening. Why? https://t.co/gXGqa4OoN1

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What's behind #Venezuela's crisis? Today at 1pm ET, @JamesMLindsay discusses with @shannonkoneil LIVE on Facebook:… https://t.co/v3kyT5YEGj

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#Quote of the day from Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez, on the Organization of American States (… https://t.co/hWdGnNYsUe

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Richard N. Haass

congrats to my colleagues @CFR_org for Webby "Critic's Choice" award for the infoguide "Deforestation in the Amazon" https://t.co/aRubyzvEpi

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Trump plans to renegotiate NAFTA. Here's how the agreement has impacted the U.S., Mexican, & Canadian economies: https://t.co/LD44DYQWLm

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