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"I don't believe in a Muslim ban," @LindseyGrahamSC told a town hall crowd in Columbia, South Carolina https://t.co/4gZkQiqtpG

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"The war on coal is over...a new era of American energy has begun," VP Mike Pence tells crowd in West Virginia https://t.co/lqfewTaXtE

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Kremlin critic Denis Voronenkov was murdered in broad daylight says @fpleitgenCNN https://t.co/axSrEH5P5p

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BREAKING: A source tells CNN Ryan has pulled the GOP health care bill at Trump's request https://t.co/dm2se6CWsV

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American tourist took photo with London police officer hours before his death in terror attack… https://t.co/ywafFdVn7Q

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CNN Newsroom

James Davis, linked to Koch network, critiques GOP health care bill, says they will help fund opposers of it https://t.co/YhxJcRctIe

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"It doesn't look good right now," says @Phil_Mattingly as GOP health care bill heads for showdown vote https://t.co/IQBQy7uim5

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3 ex-Trump advisers have now offered to be questioned on Russia ties https://t.co/U7EGeecKcT https://t.co/Is1ARMhKKJ

3 ex-Trump advisers have now offered to be questioned on Russia ties h...

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CNN Newsroom

Sean Spicer: President Trump is "excited" to move on to tax reform once health care reform is behind him https://t.co/oujGE2wobX

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Why vote on the health care bill if you don't have the votes? Spicer: "I'm not going to discuss our strategy."… https://t.co/09Pq5JoWDW

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GOP source: House Speaker Paul Ryan tells President Trump they don't have the votes for health care bill https://t.co/vRHCML4crh

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Hear actress and activist @PattyArquette on her fight for true equality for women #BossFiles @poppyharlowcnn… https://t.co/4WCCai8Sfh

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Schiff: Rep. Devin Nunes and Speaker Paul Ryan need to decide if they want a credible investigation https://t.co/Xxz4xSo031

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CNN Newsroom

Schiff: "I think there must have been a strong pushback from the White House about the nature of Monday's hearing" https://t.co/KgimBiCimV

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Rep. Schiff: "none of us have seen" the documents Nunes was referring to, says requested docs from NSA on unmasking https://t.co/YbcE2Jrbh2

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Rep. Schiff "strongly objects" to public being shut out of hearings, says "it's in the public interest" https://t.co/vj5nvHdSPO

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.@RepAdamSchiff says the GOP is trying to "choke off" information https://t.co/sn5riqyMtE

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Rep @RepAdamSchiff is holding a press conference. Watch live on CNN or @CNNgo: https://t.co/adcI1u7mdu

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.@RepMarkWalker says the vote today "is about keeping our word" https://t.co/3nAyHS73tW

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Deal or no deal, President Trump is ready to cast blame https://t.co/nN5CaypQJv https://t.co/SSljNb0xLb

Deal or no deal, President Trump is ready to cast blame https://t.co/n...

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