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TSN Radio. #TFCLive/WorldCup/EURO/#Canada/TSN.ca soccer. #Raptors905. #IndieCancer. Veggie. Melanoma. Alternative Health Care advocate. IG: gareth.wheeler

Toronto, ON

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Gareth Wheeler

Ricky Ray turning back the clock. Wind at his back at BMO. Enjoying my 1st time at an Argos game here. Turned into a beautiful afternoon.

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Gareth Wheeler

Matic isn't flashy, but can be effective. Has done a job for Mourinho before. #MUFC https://t.co/T9cGl6aaFb

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Gareth Wheeler

Digging the white @TorontoArgos helmets. Solid look. https://t.co/s3Oh8gg9Eh

Digging the white @TorontoArgos helmets. Solid look. https://t.co/s3Oh...

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Rob Harris

By not having a ref-link audio feed like in rugby, FIFA adding to confusion over experimental video replays. Communication an issue

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Gareth Wheeler

*alluded https://t.co/vLl4LYp2Or

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Gareth Wheeler

Congrats to Justin Morrow for the #USMNT call-up. As I eluded to, Bradley and Altidore not in original 23 but can b… https://t.co/Xv9RcqBGWf

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Gareth Wheeler

I meant 3 TFC players to the Canadian team. https://t.co/lTZBj4wUaL

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Gareth Wheeler

I expect #TFCLive players to be selected by #CanMNT. Not sure if Bradley/Altidore will go for the entire tournament. https://t.co/5K7IqxcDjt

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Gareth Wheeler

Congrats to @BryanMudryk on final year of the @BryanMudrykGC. Raised an incredible sum of $ for Cross Cancer and had so much fun doing it.

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Gareth Wheeler

Can't think of an MLS manager who has done a better job this season than Vanney. Big decisions have made the team t… https://t.co/EVpo6o70ik

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Toronto FC

A “gritty, grind-it-out” win for the Reds @WheelerTSN and @caroline_szwed break it all down 📽:… https://t.co/2qKMxLXuD9

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Gareth Wheeler

VAR: a good idea that is awful in practice. Shambles, is right. https://t.co/yBKQoTolGl

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Gareth Wheeler

Vanney complimenting Giovinco, big time. Says he's working harder in training than he's ever seen. Was absolutely evident tonight.

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Gareth Wheeler

Vanney puts today's win on top, in terms of gutsy performances. Tops wins in Columbus and Seattle, for him. #TFCLive

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Gareth Wheeler

Hats off @drewmoor - 180 minutes and a goal in a matter of 48 hours. Animal. #TFCLive

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Gareth Wheeler

Exceptional. @torontofc remain undefeated at home and are top @MLS table half way through the season. 2-0 win, 46 hours after playing on MTL

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Gareth Wheeler

Superb. Cheyrou w/ wonderful patience, good strength deep into time added on to play it over the top. Old man strength! Giovinco settles it!

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Gareth Wheeler

Bono with a little Stef Frei there. #SaveOfTheWeek #MLS #TFCLive

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Gareth Wheeler

Favourite view in #Toronto - football under the lights. #TFCLive https://t.co/zKyvFGnE7m

Favourite view in #Toronto - football under the lights. #TFCLive https...

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