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Chief Meteorologist at ABC News; Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) Seal from the American Meteorological Society, Host Food Forecast

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.@GeorgiaDeptofAg says up to 80% of GA blueberries killed in last week's freeze. Video:Hall County, GA insulating p… https://t.co/N4A05p5fCL

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Labeled wrong for us! Sorry! Tennessee had plenty of hail too for sure! https://t.co/hMZ4vAP4nL

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At least 187 severe storm reports from Missouri through South Carolina. This hail video from Cleveland, Georgia. Cr… https://t.co/p8vhHZ31bq

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Can't believe it's been a year :) https://t.co/yc3eOEUmUL

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Tennessee hail! https://t.co/F0sdVIXgi1

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Nashville to Atlanta included in severe thunderstorm watch! Please RT if you live in this region-damaging wind! https://t.co/ywWQxNYgW3

Nashville to Atlanta included in severe thunderstorm watch! Please RT...

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Ginger Zee

Ready to smile? Watch bouncing baby goats from the DeHaven Family Farm in Union Dale, Pennsylvania https://t.co/gTCEDJm66v

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Family trapped by mudslide in Sandpoint, Idaho home (everyone ok).Chair w/ legs covered shows how deep the mud was!… https://t.co/saeuY7SnFh

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Tulsa, OK tied a record high of 92 degrees. Smoke devil from grass fire in Pawhuska, Ok Credit: Darrick Shores of… https://t.co/2nqTL7UwPT

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