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Army Veteran. Finance Executive. Political Adviser. PhD Student. Human Rights Activist. RTs & Follows ≠ endorsements!

Charlotte, NC

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Gregory Pizarro Jr.

Meeting with Charlotte City Council Candidate and fellow Soldier @voteryanmcgill. This guy is the REAL deal. Show him some love Charlotte!

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Gregory Pizarro Jr.

"Are you free to talk?" #InnocentPhrasesThatScareMe

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Gregory Pizarro Jr.

Too OFTEN we don’t realize how great we have it until it is taken away. Do NOT take for granted what God has given you. #TuesdayThoughts

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Gregory Pizarro Jr.

Another persons opinion of you only affects you If YOU LET IT. Know who you are and love yourself and everything else becomes irrelevant.

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Gregory Pizarro Jr.

You can't cheat the grind, it KNOWS how much you have invested. It will NOT give you anything that you haven't worked for. #MondayMotivaton

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Gregory Pizarro Jr.

"I'm raising my glass to those saving our ass overseas!" -@coleswindell #whatthehelltour

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Gregory Pizarro Jr.

Smile. Laugh. Pray. Don't stress. God's got it! #SundayMorning

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Gregory Pizarro Jr.

Disconnecting from certain people can bless your life.

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Gregory Pizarro Jr.

Don't sacrifice who you truly are for who you think you want. #SaturdayMorning

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Gregory Pizarro Jr.

What God has for you is something Amazing, but that doesn't mean the path to receiving your blessing is going to be an easy one.

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Gregory Pizarro Jr.

Do NOT be afraid to let negative people go. Sometimes, in real life, you have to hit the BLOCK button. #WednesdayWisdom

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Gregory Pizarro Jr.

There is great power in small beginnings. Start somewhere. #TuesdayMotivation

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Gregory Pizarro Jr.

I don’t care what party you support-- the AHA will not solve healthcare problems in America. It will devastate people’s lives. #HoldTheFloor

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Gregory Pizarro Jr.

Focus on the things that create progress, positive energy, and peace in your life. #mondaymotivation

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Gregory Pizarro Jr.

There's never a time in life when you should have room for toxic people. Remain surrounded with those who inspire you. #MondayMotivaton

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Nabela (নাবিলা)

Do you want to learn a lot about a person? Pay attention to the company they keep.

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Gregory Pizarro Jr.

Not everyone can bear the pain of the promise. Your journey could destroy someone who isn't built for it. #SundayMorning

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Gregory Pizarro Jr.

Get your dad what he really wants this Father's Day by turning off the lights when you leave a room. #FathersDay

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