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My only existence is for your amusement, and that is why I'm here with you.


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You always look good in a sweater mirror! #Journal3 https://t.co/sQdzWPUB2m

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Jason Ritter

This is like that first scene of King Lear, before Cordelia chimes in and ruins all the fun https://t.co/mbqNuJHxCi

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Ginger Gonzaga

Atlanta! Come on down to the 7 stages theatre today at 2:00 for the screening of @YourDayFilms/appropriate behavior shorts. I'll be there! 😘

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Jason Ritter

So exciting!! @anotherperiod is going to be shown at #Tribeca2017’s @Tribeca TV. This season is the most insane yet! https://t.co/094OPbPaGP

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Jason Ritter

This picture is giving me serious Large Marge flashbacks https://t.co/LRFm3qFr0J

This picture is giving me serious Large Marge flashbacks https://t.co/...

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Sarah Wayne Callies, @KateBosworth, @JasonRitter to Star in NatGeo Military Miniseries #TheLongRoadHome… https://t.co/QSkzwrJgU5

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Hollywood Reporter

Exclusive: @katebosworth, Sarah Wayne Callies, @JasonRitter Lead Nat Geo's 'Long Road Home' https://t.co/NmglKFhIkT https://t.co/iVN20zKdAw

Exclusive: @katebosworth, Sarah Wayne Callies, @JasonRitter Lead Nat G...

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How many of your coworkers are secretly beasts at video games? Tales of Titans is on go90: https://t.co/mX5bxcFEsk https://t.co/F7WNLDEbbP

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Jason Ritter

Shake and shake the catsup bottle None will come and then a lot'll -Richard Armour #WorldPoetryDay

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Jason Ritter

S-P-E-C-T-R-E Find out what it means to me

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