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Feminist author, @GuardianUS columnist. My bitch face never rests.

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Jessica Valenti

The only thing better than a long flight is a long flight with seat-mates who just watched you ugly-cry while watching Moana.

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"When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab 'em by the pussy. You can do anything." —… https://t.co/B6f2HmCIEd

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Jessica Valenti

tfw you realize you're going to have to read the remarks Trump gave about "women's empowerment" https://t.co/i5w1wouwcJ

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Rachel Perrone

*raises hand* "She's an example of somebody who's done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more." https://t.co/bE4iaUGrde

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Jessica Valenti

It's super reassuring when ur pilot says in a tired-sounding voice that this is his 4th and last cross-country flight for the week

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Jessica Valenti

🙃 https://t.co/FNTjhB7Dpz

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BREAKING: Arkansas Governor signs first-ever measure forcing doctors who provide abortion care to investigate their patients' motives.

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Morgan Jerkins

For @nytopinion, I wrote about the #missingdcgirls, the unfulfilled promise of the women's march, and BW's labor: https://t.co/jUFBOInRLf

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Jessica Valenti

There is still good news in the world https://t.co/7uoIQ8PYXY

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The New York Times

2 black women are suing Fox News because they said they were subjected to “top-down racial harassment” https://t.co/a2UKKSu7w6

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Jessica Valenti

Says the man who couldn't take a woman shaking her head https://t.co/s1mXK8AKpq

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Planned Parenthood

Help #PinkOut the internet & say: We’re not backing down. Not today, not ever. Join us: https://t.co/11sQSc4zUR… https://t.co/kteVew8Igz

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Jessica Valenti

First read this as "Spicer" not Spiders and was like I'D LIKE TO SEE HIM TRY https://t.co/Jozpblp9J5

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Jessica Valenti

SF folks: Just signed a few copies of Sex Object in paperback at @gabsunset if you want an autographed copy. (Also the bookstore is amazing)

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