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Rebekah Metzler

And WH expects vote Friday ... Sarah Huckabee Sanders said delay is "for scheduling so no one has to be up at 3am," via @ElizLanders

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Jonathan Lemire

Trump asked about the delay in House health care vote. He simply shrugged.

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Jim Acosta

WH had said it was "buoyed" by vote prospects just 90 minutes ago. https://t.co/Uf4iq80oWW

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Kevin Cirilli

Speaker Ryan delays press conference.

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Phil Mattingly

GOP aide on Freedom Caucus: "They don't know how to get to yes. They just don't. And it's putting the whole process at risk right now."

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Manu Raju

NUNES apologized to members of the House Intel Committee for briefing Trump before Schiff, as members plan to review the new intel tomorrow

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Rep. Adam Schiff: "It was a deeply disturbing turn today and certainly a body blow to the investigation" https://t.co/z4W7G73Ljq

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Jim Acosta

Nunes again told reporters today there was no "wiretap" at Trump Tower as the president originally alleged. "Incidental" collection only.

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Jeff Zeleny

.@realDonaldTrump says he feels "somewhat vindicated" by Chairman Nunes coming to White House. But declines to answer other questions.

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Athena Jones

WH's Spicer sounds bullish on House repeal bill's prospects: “There is no Plan B. There’s Plan A and Plan A. We’re going to get this done.”

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Jim Acosta

WH: President Trump will travel to Brussels, Belgium, for the May 25, 2017, meeting of NATO https://t.co/Sj2CKA6C4U

WH: President Trump will travel to Brussels, Belgium, for the May 25,...

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Jim Acosta

The president again suggested with Merkel that he had been wiretapped just last Friday. https://t.co/wNBDrP13je

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NSA director: We haven't seen any evidence that anyone in the Obama administration asked the British to spy on Trump https://t.co/9S6ejLx1SF

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Jim Acosta

The president had said such news reports are "fake news." They are not. https://t.co/krEoZyWcVV

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Jim Acosta

Shep on Fox: “Fox News cannot confirm Judge Napolitano’s commentary."

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Jim Acosta

Trump told German reporter during news conf that he should talk to Judge Napolitano for making the claim. https://t.co/ldk8JINBoB

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Jim Acosta

Spicer: "I don't think we regret anything." https://t.co/5XyEIbR79L

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Jim Acosta

Spicer told me after news conf there was no apology to British government. Only relayed that they were passing on various press reports.

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Jim Acosta

Not backing down... Trump says he and Merkel have "something in common" when it comes to being wiretapped by previous administration.

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Jim Acosta

German reporter: Tweets you regret? Trump: Very seldom.

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