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Good news! Once Trump's health care plan passes, babies will deliver themselves. So no maternity care needed anymore #MAGA

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Judd Legum

We'll take $ that helps people afford care & give rich a tax cut MEH We'll cut Medicaid EH We'll make maternity care OPTIONAL WARMER...

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Judd Legum

Schiff, on House Intel Committee, says there's "more than circumstantial evidence" of Trump camp collusion w/Russia https://t.co/AKfkQzj0iK

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Judd Legum

1. This Donald Trump retweet of a conspiracy theorist linking to a propaganda site is a window into where things st… https://t.co/SEihJUq3dE

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Judd Legum

If true, this would probably be the biggest political scandal in U.S. history https://t.co/gWunpirLCw https://t.co/i9o9uKWzJb

If true, this would probably be the biggest political scandal in U.S....

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Judd Legum

1. Some more thoughts on Nunes today, who really exposed himself today https://t.co/wtFXc3uui3

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Judd Legum

Former counsel for the House intel committee explains just how screwed up Nunes' actions were today https://t.co/kQ5NzrY1SC

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