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Legal journalist at @eNCA in Johannesburg. Optimist.

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Karyn Maughan

Yes https://t.co/GqCSEPvbK9

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Karyn Maughan

.@gwalax I don't think we can fully grasp the courage of the #TaxiRape survivor in speaking out just days after her ordeal. She is a hero.

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Thulasizwe Simelane

3. #Motlanthe (#Nkandla);'If you want people to believe you're no longer a thief,way to prove is if people leave their items then find them'

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Thulasizwe Simelane

4. #Motlanthe (#Nkandla lessons); 'But if you're a liar, how do people believe you're not lying when you say you're no longer a liar?'

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IG: ConceptSixty5

I still remember their "breakthrough" in the Senzo Meyiwa murder case and it turned out they arrested an innocent m… https://t.co/FZ0s7sV4yf

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Karyn Maughan

Police linked Bigboy Yose and Given Msimango to the #OCJburglary. But they've charged over unlicensed guns, fake ID… https://t.co/HIVlqKNauj

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Karyn Maughan

Case against one suspect withdrawn already. https://t.co/GpPiS6gQu3

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Reuters Top News

MORE: Alleged assailant was shot at UK parliament by armed police - leader of the House of Commons https://t.co/WBgUI2Kd7Q

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.@MichelleL_Craig asks the #Spur CEO Pierre van Tonder if he thinks this was a racist incident... https://t.co/kQBi3xymlF

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Graeme Raubenheimer

So @helenzille & @WesternCapeGov have now decided to go ahead with selling the #Tafelberg plot to Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School.

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Karyn Maughan

VERY https://t.co/s4EofrRyBE

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Karyn Maughan

Defense lawyer says it appears police came to suspects house looking for stolen OCJ computers but didn't find them.

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Karyn Maughan

Defense lawyer on men identified by police as linked to #OCJburglary: "There's no way anyway anyone can think these people are linked..."

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Karyn Maughan

Lawyer confirms Given Msimango is the brother of Nkosinathi Msimango - man police say can lead them to #OCJ computers but isn't suspect

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Michelle Craig

Bail application set down for the 30th of March #OCJburglary

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Karyn Maughan

I'm don't think you're wrong. Unfortunately. https://t.co/JrOS93coLd

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Karyn Maughan

Given Msimango has same surname as Nkosinathi Msimango - who police say may lead them to stolen OCJ computers, but is not a suspect

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#OCJburglary suspects appearing in court. LIVE on #DStv403 https://t.co/3AP2szmCzp

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Karyn Maughan

No charges against third suspect police linked to #OCJburglary.

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Karyn Maughan

Given Msimango appears for possession of unlicensed guns, m ammo. Bigboy Yose appears over fake ID documents. No… https://t.co/qpMPbcq7zu

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