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Nothing matters unless you're happy. Hypnotherapist and expert in guiding people towards a happier state of mind.

London, England

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Kelly Angelic

When you are in #pain, it's because your are not thinking correctly. You are identifying with the wrong things. #changefocus #FridayFeeling

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Kelly Angelic

The #universe is always giving you messages, guidance to your life purpose. Quieten the mind and you will hear and see #ThursdayThoughts

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You've gotta applaud the emergency services for acting the way they did and preventing the situation from getting worse #PrayForLondon

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I see humans, but no humanity. #prayforlondon #WeAreLondon 🇬🇧❤

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Recitifed Project

Terrorism will never win #Westminster #PrayForLondon #retweet https://t.co/6s6AYxP4Ne

Terrorism will never win #Westminster #PrayForLondon #retweet https://...

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Salma Malik

Stop saying Muslims are terrorists We aren't terrorists Blame the one who made the mistake Don't blame my religion #PrayForLondon

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Stop killing... #prayforlondon https://t.co/R3bAi45njK

Stop killing...                                                  #pray...

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Daniel Hannan

We can easily take the police for granted. Here is a reminder that, when necessary, they place themselves between danger and the rest of us.

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Kelly Angelic

If you eat foods derived from #mistreatedanimals your body will absorb the energy of the animals pain #foodforthought #tuesdaythought

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Anthony Silard

Pain puts a fire in your belly to change what caused your suffering in the first place.

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Kelly Angelic

To be well we need to be who we are, our creative selves. Express who we are daily, what do you love doing? #lifepurpose #TuesdayMotivation

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Murray Newlands

Never lose sight of the fact that your most important yardstick for your success will be in how you treat other peo… https://t.co/SilOpK1k9Q

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Kelly Angelic

If we rely on the weather,our weight, our relationships to be happy, how can we be happy?#positivity and #gratitude are the key to happiness

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Kelly Angelic

I'm stunned at how much we are conditioned that happiness comes from outside of us. #happinessday #mondaymotivation

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Doreen Virtue

Begin your day by imagining what your life would look and feel like if you were living it at your highest potential.

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Leroy Ross

Self-Esteem begins and ends with you. The more you know about yourself, the less moved you'll be by the opinions of others. - B. Dilley

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Kelly Angelic

Just like you wouldn't let horrible people into your home,when intrusive #negativethoughts come knocking, send them on their way #mindhealth

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Kelly Angelic

I think it's really important to take your kids to a #placeofworship When they're older they will get a warm reminder. #SundayMorning

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Kelly Angelic

You can change your #emotional state by changing your #focus. Ask yourself if there is anything #positive going on for you at that moment

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