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#LALALAND - on Digital HD April 11, on Blu-ray & DVD April 25. From director and writer Damien Chazelle, and starring @RyanGosling and Emma Stone.

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"City of Stars" (@LaLaLand) - from a PHS alumni (Damien Chazelle), by PHS students, shot in PHS #MyCityOfStars https://t.co/czKApPbQo9

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NUEVO VIDEO! 🎉💃 Chequeen nuestro medley de canciones de @LaLaLand! Para que canten, likeen, y compartan :)… https://t.co/53cUSC4hZ8

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Double Treble

@LaLaLand here is the full medley! https://t.co/0ofacro4MP #MyCityOfStars

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Hey @LaLaLand! Heres #MyCityOfStars cover with @BhaveshChauhan and @BangaliTrisha! https://t.co/pyt27vGzZu

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#MyCityOfStars A week, and many many hours later, my entry is finally done! I had so much fun doing this and I hope… https://t.co/gBaKTpi0I9

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Sophie Park

@LaLaLand #MyCityOfStars My beloved fingerstyle uke cover of "City of Stars". Thanks for watching :) https://t.co/SgvpIS2UpP

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La La Land

Never suggest “I Ran” to a real musician. #LALALAND https://t.co/fQmMldSuYE

Never suggest “I Ran” to a real musician. #LALALAND https://t.co/fQmMl...

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La La Land

Today's the last day to cover 🎶 City of Stars🎶 using #MyCityOfStars for a chance to win a @KorgUSA Kronos. Contest… https://t.co/est6QWONpw

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La La Land

Your chance to share a cover of 🎶 City of Stars🎶 using #MyCityOfStars to win a @KorgUSA Kronos ends tomorrow! https://t.co/NVOHbIAYiH

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