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Grateful for Grace. Living by laughter. Leaning on faith, hope and love. Transforming humanity one woman at a time.

New York

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No matter what it looks like the promise still stands. @LaKeeshaWalrond

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Time stop running from your dreams. Be willing to go back. God calls you to go back with a purpose. @FCBC_NYC @LaKeeshaWalrond

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Samuel Sinyangwe

A majority white jury couldn't find it unreasonable for officer to shoot a black man for reaching for his driver's license. #PhilandoCastile

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LaKeesha Walrond

Not guilty verdict in the #PhilandoCastille trial perpetuates the injustice in our "just us" system. What will it take to be regarded human?

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Philip Lewis

Philando Castile's mother: "I'm mad as hell right now." https://t.co/pLNHsq1H85

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LaKeesha Walrond

It's still early enough to choose the day you experience. Don't let the negativity of others have the last word. Make it a great day! #joy

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Pope Francis

Love requires a creative, concrete response. Good intentions are not enough. The other is not a statistic, but a person to take care of.

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Shawn Dove

"You're not really blessed until you're a blessing to someone else." - @LaKeeshaWalrond @FCBC_NYC

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Dr. Tyson-Lord Gray

"People are waiting on safe passage through you." #giveback #helpsomebody #beablessing @FCBC_NYC @LaKeeshaWalrond

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LaKeesha Walrond

So necessary. So real. So proud of my husband @MikeWalrond #truthabouttrauma https://t.co/QUb2VgVbUY

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LaKeesha Walrond

"Everybody on your team ain't on your side." So blessed by your powerful & transformative word @MikeWalrond on @thewordnetwork. #fcbc

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LaKeesha Walrond

It's just getting started! Don't miss @MikeWalrond special guest for @jamalhbryant on @thewordnetwork right now!… https://t.co/OB0PV0ZcL2

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Fred Jackson

Be patient in the midst of your circumstance. God wants to develop us more than just deliver us. @LaKeeshaWalrond #MidweekMotivation

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LaKeesha Walrond

#EasteratFCBC https://t.co/f3XlSyBbGX

#EasteratFCBC https://t.co/f3XlSyBbGX

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Mike Walrond

Extremely proud of my beautiful, trailblazing wife @LaKeeshaWalrond #sheisadoer https://t.co/p80w8WOSSG

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LaKeesha Walrond

So proud of my husband @MikeWalrond - a true visionary and dreamer! #unstoppable https://t.co/2QbdXt5Alw

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LaKeesha Walrond

Thank you @FCBC_NYC family for your support last night at Mist Harlem. It is an honor to serve you and a joy to lov… https://t.co/ZFqhwhnKbQ

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LaKeesha Walrond

Thank you @scottmstringer for an amazing night - standing room only -at Mist Harlem with leaders, community and fri… https://t.co/JfDIotlGRo

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