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Journalist, author, feminist, nerd. Contributing Editor, @Newstatesman. Latest book: 'Unspeakable Things', Bloomsbury. Patreon below!

London, England

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Tristan Crane

We are all so screwed. #trumpcare #scam #theregoesdemocracy https://t.co/nnOpyELu07

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Eamon 🤔'Connor

"It is hard to outline the contours of a future you have never been allowed to imagine" @thebafflermag @PennyRed… https://t.co/ZySAp1VSDY

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April Wilson

Art work by The Kawaii Kollective (Caroline Horimoto on Insta)! Quote from @SadyDoyle‘s Trainwreck!… https://t.co/DWwVwupSCK

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100% of women don't fucking care https://t.co/Lb0KSBcfb9

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Laurie Penny

Hey scumbag, here's a thought: if you're determined to use this to flog hatred, at least try expressing some concer… https://t.co/zehU9xnleM

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Tanya Gold

Do those tweeting malice at @pennyred know they have, among other things, absolutely terrible manners?

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Laurie Penny

It's not #WorldPoetryDay anymore, but this, by Carol Ann Duffy, (is in a small way) relevant. It means a lot to me. https://t.co/yg0uqa7Sfh

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