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Mark Ogden

Yep, go and applaud those fans who sang about the War and IRA all night... https://t.co/BcGFUccFJq

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Daniel Storey

Spoke to guy last night who lives in Dortmund. Had 'Tony Yeboah' chanted in his face by fans. This has to stop. https://t.co/cb34rqS8mC

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Mark Ogden

England's Harry Kane reliance shows vs. Germany, may hurt them in Russia https://t.co/stA0pMkHXK

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Mark Ogden

It's the same obnoxious herd every time. The Germans were embarrassed for us last night, not by us. (2/2)

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Mark Ogden

The @FA need to find a way to clean up their away support. They only embarrass the team and country they're supposedly representing. (1/2)

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ian herbert

The Euros revisited: another night of songs that made England fans a national embarrassment. https://t.co/ELrTGQy4eG

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Mark Ogden

Podolski still in his kit, doing interviews in TV studio. Might as well enjoy the moment.

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Mark Ogden

Lukas Podolski steals the show as Germany defeat promising England https://t.co/KxlK2wKlIy

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Mark Ogden

Great goal by Podolski. Some way to sign off his international career

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Mark Ogden

England fans haven't sung one song about a player on the pitch yet. Just the War, the IRA and 'staying here to drink beer.' Classy.

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Mark Ogden

England playing three at the back. Always feels like putting diesel into a car that runs on petrol.

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Here's the 🇩🇪 team for tonight's game against the #ThreeLions: https://t.co/yTysU38Wdt

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Mark Ogden

Rashford proof of England producing quality at youth level - Southgate https://t.co/ASGnyerMAP

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Mark Ogden

Phil Jones sent home from England duty for X-rays on possible broken toe https://t.co/sbFZ4uETZo

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Two of England's best. Man City will face Spurs in this summer’s ICC. Watch our announcement for the full schedule:… https://t.co/aAbXfpww7d

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European giants will face each other in the United States this summer. ESPN’s full ICC schedule:… https://t.co/Ufy3u3LO1m

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Mark Ogden

What next for England's number one? Why the best option is Man City -- if only Pep would admit it https://t.co/v4GS6whktY

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