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Cultural Architect and Lead Visionary at First Corinthian Baptist Church. Host @JourneyTVLive. Morehouse Man. Omega Man. WE ARE THE ONES WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!

New York, NY

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First Corinthian BC

Did you know that in NYC that each night at least 61,277 people are in a Homeless Shelter. #nyc #homelessness… https://t.co/ixdTBNbjEX

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Willa Rose Johnson

Team getting ready to #BlessTheBlock @FCBC_NYC #FightHomelessness @Keimahugh https://t.co/3GmEDaX25G

Team getting ready to #BlessTheBlock @FCBC_NYC #FightHomelessness @Kei...

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Shawn Dove

"If God has already given me the victory, why must I still fight? The battle is not for my enemies, it's for me" @MikeWalrond #RiverAndWall

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Willa Rose Johnson

Landlord Cafe is a chance for landlords/homeowners to sign up to receive market-rate rent to help a family out of h… https://t.co/bxR2xQpliy

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Keima Hugh

Woke up this morning feeling grateful 2B part of something bigger than myself 2 B under the leadership of my Pastor… https://t.co/IkE9V2S7ma

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Keima Hugh

It's here everyone!! Today! See you all @FCBC_NYC at 10am for our 1st Annual Landlord Cafe..You don't want to miss… https://t.co/1KGE8VqFum

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If you're looking for a reimagined worship experience join us this Sunday at 9.30am or 11.30am EST!… https://t.co/gOTXA6311g

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Issa Rae

I didn't become a morning person until I started doing what I loved.

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Keima Hugh

https://t.co/S5C56zXolC and This is why I love my Pastor @MikeWalrond & his beautiful wife @LaKeeshaWalrond..Too cute🤓🤓🤗

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Mike Walrond

Hilarious!! Comedic Genius!! https://t.co/Rrn6Uzc5LW

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Ian D.

@MikeWalrond Ha! https://t.co/DVW4Bg5yDw

Ha! https://t.co/DVW4Bg5yDw

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Emil Wilbekin

You are good enough. You are more than enough. You are enough. You are made for this moment. The best is yet to come. @MikeWalrond

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Paula Edgar, PGE LLC

"You are good enough. You are more than enough. You were built 4 this season. The best is yet 2 come" #FCBC #MidweekMotivation @MikeWalrond

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FCBC Destined

How do you make a difference🤔💭.. impact the lives of people from where you are (specifically young ppl) #TNTatFCBC @MikeWalrond @FCBC_NYC

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FCBC Destined

Communal transformation takes place 1 person at a time #TNTatFCBC @MikeWalrond @FCBC_NYC

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FCBC Destined

Your legacy begins when you start to pour into others #TNTatFCBC @MikeWalrond @FCBC_NYC

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FCBC Destined

Don't accept invisible boundaries>Stop internalizing the limits of your space #TNTatFCBC @MikeWalrond @FCBC_NYC

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FCBC Destined

Who is your neighbor❓ <has nothing to do with proximity #showmercy #bekind #Jesus #redefineyourdefinition… https://t.co/3N7fKsjSCN

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FCBC Destined

He was deep! Literally transforming with calmness. A message of love&kindness "won't you be my neighbor?"… https://t.co/FJdLjeRor9

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Samantha Power

Extraordinary: if liberals voted at same rate as conservatives, Hillary would be President & Dems wld control Senate https://t.co/p30oHhf7aF

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