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We’re here to provide support for people living with MS and drive research into better treatments for everyone. Together, we are strong enough to stop MS.

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MS Society UK

If you just watched #IncredibleMedicine and consider #HSCT treatment, this is what the treatment could be like:… https://t.co/ayIVIo75vn

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MS Society UK

Watching #IncredibleMedicine and have questions about HSCT? Join our webinar next Monday with an expert on HSCT:… https://t.co/TYUq8fl2Dt

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MS Society UK

#IncredibleMedicine is about to start. Look out for Steven who has #MS and had HSCT treatment. Read more on HSCT:… https://t.co/8NybwRJwWt

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MS Society UK

Tonight’s #IncredibleMedicine will feature the story of someone living with #MS. Tune in at 9pm on BBC 2! More info: https://t.co/D0vsQ3D3GT

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MS Society UK

Listen to chef and blogger @TrevisGleason discuss his book about his journey with #MS #ChefInterrupted https://t.co/NDkaSUVaAE

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MS Society UK

The first licensed treatment for primary progressive #MS has been approved in the US. We’ve got all the details:… https://t.co/7Vu4lB4URn

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MS Society UK

After being busy or having others around, especially at the weekend, plan rest times #wednesdaywisdom https://t.co/Onzu9m2CwG

After being busy or having others around, especially at the weekend, p...

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MS Society UK

Sign up to discover the buzz - our monthly e-news packed full of information, research developments and support:… https://t.co/mdh1TJH9Xv

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MS Society UK

Brilliant news: ocrelizumab approved for both relapsing & primary progressive MS in US. We want the same decision i… https://t.co/7JdN7IwxgC

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MS Society UK

Here's a handy #CakeBreak tip to help you go ‘all or muffin’ with friends and family: https://t.co/1GUnF1RDHA https://t.co/qseszGXtgI

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MS Society UK

1 in 3 people with #MS aren't getting the support they need. What are your experiences of #socialcare? Get in touch… https://t.co/AxCZfzGtW9

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MS Society UK

.@adamrickitt will soon be joining @Hollyoaks to play a character living with #MS https://t.co/g3oC4q0YV4

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MS Society UK

Holding a #CakeBreak? Here's a quick and simple Rocky Road recipe to share with friends and family:… https://t.co/xt5MTB6NF0

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MS Society UK

We caught up with #AMonsterCalls actor @lewismacdougall to talk about life with #MS in the family:… https://t.co/scV8X69eXO

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