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In Trump Meeting With South Korean Leader, A Chance To Reaffirm 'Ironclad' Ties https://t.co/GAR6sijDKC

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Trump Picks Republican Lawyer For FCC Commissioner Seat https://t.co/SEDGSp2XyB

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Australian Police Bring Sexual Assault Charges Against Catholic Cardinal https://t.co/x3d1GKIBEg

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Dave Rosser, guitarist for both The Afghan Whigs and The Twilight Singers, has died. He was 50.… https://t.co/N46kv305qj

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Writer/director Bong Joon Ho isn't coy when he's got a point to make. This time, it's about factory farming: https://t.co/LNmFXrboql

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The LA city council OK'd plans yesterday for the George Lucas museum once slated for Chicago https://t.co/sPYBoFFMV9 https://t.co/xND0qzleQi

The LA city council OK'd plans yesterday for the George Lucas museum o...

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NH Public Radio

After Great Dane Rescue, Animal Advocates Call for Stronger Laws, More State Oversight https://t.co/17l7N2JnTx… https://t.co/PC7sulcvwd

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Watch the stunning mini-epic film for "Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)" from the @HamiltonMusical mixtape.… https://t.co/PcclOKcfEZ

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FBI Agent Is Indicted On Charges Of Lying About Fatal Oregon Refuge Shooting https://t.co/UEkRPhhqTR

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"What this represents behind us, we should never forget," Boston's mayor said after the New England Holocaust Memor… https://t.co/7tYgx8xeNZ

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"They love freedom for other people, and they love freedom for their nation" -- @aiww https://t.co/NKMUWOwn6R

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Boaty McBoatface is back. https://t.co/Fh7rS5C9My

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Sherman was the chief U.S. negotiator on the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. She also visited North Korea twice during the… https://t.co/s8IgzbzAhh

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The bill would make North Carolina the 13th state to call for a constitutional convention in order to add a balance… https://t.co/4F9hMg8G62

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Recent talks with North Korean officials made her conclude that attempts at dialogue with Kim Jong Un is a waste of… https://t.co/na630hoVo3

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Here's a timeline that traces the events since the release of the #LaquanMcDonald video https://t.co/clGT6OjdHV https://t.co/S1KpSV9PXp

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Michael Bond's memories of WWII evacuees likely inspired his beloved Paddington Bear. The author died Tuesday at 91… https://t.co/oA4WkKl63p

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There are currently 139 people sentenced to die in Ohio. https://t.co/lGmNLOF1Tl

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"We are now providing bullet-proof evidence that we are breathing harmful air," says Harvard professor https://t.co/GTfEwtg6eT

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Scientists and advocates for the Chesapeake say that success is fragile. And it may be even more so now.… https://t.co/RIhNLGzcHw

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