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Senior Writer @Shareblue. Previously @mmfa. These are my opinions. I dispense pep talks + tongue lashings. https://t.co/q7JMFdCl9l

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Oliver Willis

based on my replies many people are still buying what i consider to be techno-utopianism. i used to buy it too. ppl are being hurt.

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Oliver Willis

"the computers will fix it on their own" is no longer operable. we're dealing with skynets and hal now.

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Oliver Willis

racists are also a social movement. and social media has/is helping them. we're past the point of blind utopianism. https://t.co/N0NkeiCPOx

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Oliver Willis

u won't find anyone more against mainstream media gatekeepers than me. but i dont think handing a skinhead the equiv of a tv station is good

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Oliver Willis

im the guy who spent 13 yrs on the other side of fox news, and i have to tell you an average day on twitter or facebook is way way worse

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Oliver Willis

again, i love technology. i love the next best shiny cool thing. but social media, thus far, is bad. and it is making society worse.

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Oliver Willis

if wall st told @twitter and @facebook their valuations would suffer if they kept letting hoaxes and snuff circulate, it wld be gone by fri

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Oliver Willis

this is also why we're fucked if we let the libertarian shitlords in silicon valley run the world w/o oversight the way theyd love to

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Oliver Willis

thats our proof of just how lackadaisical @facebook and @twitter have been in fighting hate + snuff https://t.co/yNpIloMw41

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Oliver Willis

the reality of the shit social media defecates on to the world way outpaces any dystopia the writers for black mirror can think up

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