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Senior Writer @Shareblue. Previously @mmfa. These are my opinions. I dispense pep talks + tongue lashings. https://t.co/q7JMFdCl9l

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Oliver Willis

Will Steve Bannon be swept up in FBI investigation of Breitbart's Russia ties? https://t.co/iPwOQnGw3K

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Oliver Willis

“More than circumstantial evidence” of collusion in Trump/Russia investigation https://t.co/6EnXua1Fsb via @shareblue

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Oliver Willis

Top intel Dem slams GOP chair: “Wrecking ball” of Trump wiretap lie “has just claimed another victim” https://t.co/LmaAqxnZ7J via @shareblue

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Oliver Willis

"Ivanka Im so confused" "Daddy a health care is what the poors use when they have a boo boo" "And that's good?" "So… https://t.co/NUqS4VvIK7

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Ben Yelin

This is my shocked face. https://t.co/J9DG13c6k3

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Lauren Moccio

If you'd like to send funds 2 support @ChezPazienza's parents & FL #family, pls Paypal to MickiePage@hotmail.com #donate #crowdfunding #loss

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Oliver Willis

if trump cared about health care as much as he cared about trump, those vote counts wouldnt look so bad. but he doesnt.

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Tyler Hansen

I'm starting to think having Republicans in charge of investigating Republicans isn't in our best interest.

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Rob Flaherty

I like that the GOP is basically running a protection racket for a POTUS under FBI investigation. It's like House of Cards with dumb people.

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Oliver Willis

GOP Intel chair end runs own committee to give Trump cover from FBI probe https://t.co/eq5KVfjUqH via @shareblue

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Oliver Willis

dont blame me i voted for hillary.

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Oliver Willis

Beyond Irregular: The Story Of The Trump Presidency https://t.co/HXtAWT7wPX

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Christopher Hayes

Is Devin Nunes trying to audition for Sean Spicer's job?

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Oliver Willis

i dont take anything for granted. but the trumpcare house vote stories are hilarious so far.

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Oliver Willis

sure ok https://t.co/0WNoR7C4LY

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