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"Put it behind us and be ready for Thursday." @REDBLACKSHC on his mindset after a Week 1 battle with the #Stamps.… https://t.co/4Fp5qkc6fD

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Jim Watson

What an amazing night! Lousy refereeing but great to see how successful Lansdowne has become! Go Redblacks Go! https://t.co/tiBeWBxXyd

What an amazing night! Lousy refereeing but great to see how successfu...

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"This is just a small step towards our final pursuit." @Trev_Harris on building off Week 1 towards the team's end… https://t.co/XnWzej4zXw

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Win, lose, or draw. You're always with us. 👊 #RNation https://t.co/pYUpz5LXYU

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Tank Reed

I hate freakin Ties!!!!

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G. Ellingson

#rnation you were incredible last night..the atmosphere you all create is incredible...stick with us we are gonna go to battle for you! 😠

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Kevin Brown II

This is going to be a great season #RNation

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Trevor Harris

Fans were amazing last night! We will pile these wins up for #RNation! You guys set the bar as a fan base across the league.

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Moton Hopkins

#RNation was so loud last night! Love you guys, not making this retirement thing easy lol

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#REDBLACKS home opener ends in OT tie for the second straight season versus the @calstampeders. RECAP ➡️… https://t.co/edHy8v3aeR

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Guy Thériault

The @REDBLACKS are such a classy organization #RNation #MyOttawa @CFL #FNF @holistic_m @m32bmine @OSEG_Media https://t.co/REZiiLSowZ

The @REDBLACKS are such a classy organization #RNation #MyOttawa @CFL...

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Serderius Bryant

@BoLeviMitchell @REDBLACKS I don't get into social media beef, I'm sorry.

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Clint Ford

@REDBLACKS @Jstangby5 was an absolute stud tonight. great job lad!!

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Forever the 2016 #GreyCup Champions. 🙌🏆 https://t.co/G3DVt1z3x1

Forever the 2016 #GreyCup Champions.

🙌🏆 https://t.co/G3DVt1z3x1

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William Powell 6-yard touchdown reception, @REDBLACKS now lead CGY 11-3. https://t.co/n6vByUmagf

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Trevor Harris to Juron Criner for 11-yard TD connection, @REDBLACKS up 21-14 vs CGY going into the 4th! https://t.co/gAmTb6R7SE

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