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Pampered Chef exists to help you enjoy the moments most important to you and yours by inspiring satisfying, stress-free meals fit for the way you live.

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These carnitas are slow to cook but disappear FAST! Find out what to do with your slow-cooked carnitas tomorrow at 12:30pm CT!

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Pampered Chef

.@theknot called PC's Garlic Press and Microplane Adjustable Fine Grater "essentials for your wedding registry" 😲… https://t.co/uQPteaVtST

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Pampered Chef

Wow! 😍 This looks amazing! https://t.co/GDPU1ZyQer

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Pampered Chef

Our Herb & Onion Slow Cooker Seasoning gives meals deep, delicious flavor while they slow cook:… https://t.co/2oZG7hB1Qv

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Pampered Chef

Our beautiful Stoneware Entertaining Set makes everyday meals and events absolutely effortless:… https://t.co/8PCQfNGVuB

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Pampered Chef

Provide meals to those in need with a purchase of the Emoji Cookie Cutter Set. Get yours here:… https://t.co/36nfJEMvmm

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Pampered Chef

How adorable is that?! https://t.co/QZBrH4fvPQ

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Pampered Chef

Only 1 week left to score one of these products for free with a $75 purchase! Start shopping:… https://t.co/AaZjzBVGot

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Pampered Chef

Now that's what we call #brunch Yum! https://t.co/p1V017BNBe

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Pampered Chef

This Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs recipe will add a touch of elegance to any brunch or 🍳 breakfast spread:… https://t.co/lFteYDi8AO

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Pampered Chef

These cookie-brownie hybrids are the best of both worlds! Check out the recipe: https://t.co/kocFBI2hKL https://t.co/YgbZkDjUeS

These cookie-brownie hybrids are the best of both worlds! Check out th...

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Pampered Chef

Get perfect portions of brownies, blondies and even meatloaf with our Brownie Pan: https://t.co/LZxS8LnB0U https://t.co/b38Lnw5X47

Get perfect portions of brownies, blondies and even meatloaf with our...

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Pampered Chef

Looks like its going to taste amazing! https://t.co/jIef3rqrKE

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Ginger Comstock

These Apple Cheddar Bacon Egg muffins just came out of the oven...they smell AMAZING!#grabaspoon #breakfastonthego… https://t.co/bCJ3vlyxQa

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Our Easy Read Measuring Cups have a rating of 4.9 🌟: https://t.co/aas1ilYfG4 Do you have one at home? If you do, le… https://t.co/up7FTs5c15

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Pampered Chef

The average host gets $165 in free products–tag someone who you think deserves a free shopping spree! Learn more:… https://t.co/yXihNJe0GE

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Pampered Chef

Consultants use their Pampered Chef business to set financial goals for their families 💰! Earn the money you need:… https://t.co/IxYJAh77od

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Pampered Chef

Say 👋 hello 👋 to spring with our gnocchi recipe: https://t.co/d2wpO7R0At If you make it, share using… https://t.co/x833IqqBOj

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