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PEACE, LOVE and OUTRAGE✌❤😠 Industrial Design Graduate Student If you think climate change is a hoax or it's rough being white, go away. #NoDAPL


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Pat the Berner

House Democrats that act like House Republicans need to be primaried. The latest list of "Democrats" currently agai… https://t.co/kQczoKeVGP

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Pat the Berner

Trump's budget proposal shows he has no interest whatsoever in working people. If you still believe in him, he's go… https://t.co/G7yJf7SPPn

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Pat the Berner

The GOP doesn't want to fix healthcare, they want to eliminate it. We can tweak ACA but Medicare For All is the onl… https://t.co/tdui9eKhl2

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@peterdaou I know you love her and everything, but had everything been kosher... #BernieWouldHaveWon

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Pat the Berner

#MyLeastFavorite4Words DONALD TRUMP IS PRESIDENT ...thanks to the DNC morons cheating for the only person he could… https://t.co/T0akX13PPP

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