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Production halted on Eric Dane's the Last Ship as he battles depression, rep says: https://t.co/kuzHNLQE5D

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#TheGodfather celebrates its 45th anniversary: 5 fascinating facts behind the making of the greatest American epic… https://t.co/2usuN9tUOE

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This dog didn't recognize his owner who had lost 50 lbs in the hospital — until he got close enough to sniff him 😍… https://t.co/STWFfqHb6C

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Kanye West will not be attending this year’s Met Gala: ‘Kim will be going solo': https://t.co/tNAltLGHuz

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‘Napercise’ may be the greatest fitness class ever https://t.co/7TmIh1EOlq https://t.co/Cwoox0dcOz

‘Napercise’ may be the greatest fitness class ever https://t.co/7TmIh1...

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8 celebrities discuss their struggles with mental illness https://t.co/QxkzIDKmsA https://t.co/UuITNXAA4b

8 celebrities discuss their struggles with mental illness https://t.co...

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Jackie Kennedy's assistant reveals the former First Lady and Aristotle Onassis 'seemed like friends, not a couple'… https://t.co/1Eh1ALeSzD

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Ciara shares video filmed before daughter’s arrival: ‘You bring us peace’: https://t.co/XjNtyPFklK

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Katy Perry faces backlash for comparing her old hair color to President Barack Obama: https://t.co/hax55gBd4x

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Mark Zuckerberg dropped in on an Ohio family that voted for Trump for dinner: https://t.co/FxHn056USn

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76-year-old man raises more than $28,000 to feed stray, feral cats in his community 👏 https://t.co/UxVju5YmSt via… https://t.co/rZ3BImIjDv

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Enter now for your chance to win 3 night/4 day a trip for two to any 2017 @TravelLeisure World's Best Domestic City! https://t.co/10VOUAlfla

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The flat belly tricks celebs and their trainers swear by https://t.co/WiTh4UAiPr https://t.co/j3grrnbb9t

The flat belly tricks celebs and their trainers swear by https://t.co/...

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'We're going to need a bigger mug!' Kelly Ripa will announce her new Live co-host on Monday: https://t.co/RhGsLF6TYJ

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Remember: It's gonna be May. @jtimberlake https://t.co/LO8Or5vl7F

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See this incredible drone footage of an iceberg that became grounded outside a small Canadian town 😱 https://t.co/acn86ulfb0

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Aziz Ansari rants against the term ‘foodie’ and reveals what he’d name his food truck: https://t.co/G2tUwui1hi

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Ja Rule says he’s ‘relieved’ attendees are safely back home after Fyre Festival debacle: https://t.co/S9UvZdXW8o

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PEOPLE's commemorative edition Jack & Jackie: Remembering Camelot is on sale now: https://t.co/GuvZ9veiUK https://t.co/vJioFwDuLt

PEOPLE's commemorative edition Jack & Jackie: Remembering Camelot...

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12 'before-and-after' photos that will make you rethink everything you see on social media https://t.co/MKa92MDJ35 https://t.co/B5XUlj2iIt

12 'before-and-after' photos that will make you rethink everything you...

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