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President Trump Launches Vicious Personal Attack on MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski – Calling Her ‘Low IQ, Crazy’ https://t.co/Kt5AgsSB8I

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Lucy Hale Celebrates the End of Pretty Little Liars with a New Tattoo https://t.co/IV7NbBW9KM

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RHONY's Kelly Bensimon & 2 Bachelor in Paradise Alums Are on the Market (& Getting Tough Love from Patti Stanger) https://t.co/tC3HQYUiVT

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Selfie Murder Victim's Family and Friends Open Up About the 16-Year-Old Boy Killed in a Headline-Grabbing Case https://t.co/mHArfBrVlS

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Kristen Kelly

Princess Kate reveals her mom's secret crush on #PeopleNow!! 😂https://t.co/LBzbUCnY6Y https://t.co/FUgyk2mcHT

Princess Kate reveals her mom's secret crush on #PeopleNow!! 😂https://...

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Aww! We asked @diddy to talk about some of the joys of parenthood and his response was everything! Click for more:… https://t.co/RlML7HWtXq

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WATCH: Inside the Moment Kendra Wilkinson's Mom Hatched a Plan to Knock Her 'Off Her Pedestal’ https://t.co/ETCkgpZf09

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.@Zendaya says #SpiderMan star @TomHolland1996 really can sing, plus exclusive first look at #KendraOnTop STREAM:… https://t.co/Z7MspAwfkN

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Nicole Kidman Felt 'Deeply Humiliated' Filming Big Little Lies' Abuse Scenes: 'It Affected Me in a Deep Way' https://t.co/0WRMlK4U6l

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Game of Thrones Star Emilia Clarke Says Sexism in Hollywood Is Like 'Dealing with Racism' https://t.co/UNODP4OSTJ

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Princess Kate Puts Her Art Degree to Use at Museum Visit https://t.co/zIGH1ckh5Y

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Miley Gets Surprise Addition to Her Nashville Backyard on #CyrusVsCyrus Finale, But Can Brandi & Tish Keep a Secret? https://t.co/cFC5OgDiwU

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Hannibal Buress Sends Imposter in His Place to Spider-Man: Homecoming Premiere https://t.co/97ItBX3MQp

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Camila Cabello to Join Bruno Mars on 24K Magic Tour https://t.co/24l3ZbYzOP

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Christie Brinkley's Dogs Are Her Anti-Aging Secret: 'They Are My Personal Trainers' https://t.co/1UwMyI6rk8

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Jeff Lewis Welcomes Baby Monroe & Gets Reamed for Working 'Employees to the Ground' in #FlippingOut Season 10 https://t.co/mTvUtSn79Y

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Terra Jolé Sounds Off on the Infidelity Between Briana & Matt: 'She Feels He's the Best She Can Get' https://t.co/jklvyLkfWH

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‘It Was a Fairytale’: All the Exclusive Details on Tara Lipinski’s Ultra-Chic Southern Wedding https://t.co/OUlvBENGFk

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A Royals-Themed Bingo Game Is Coming https://t.co/eaNoTOWPZE

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Every Woman on This Inspirational Basketball Team Is Over 80 — and They 'Play to Win' https://t.co/Gf0tEJTxMN

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