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Chris Murphy

We only have a few days before we vote on #Trumpcare in the Senate and I want to hear from as many of my constituents as possible.

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Ron Perlman



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Barack Obama

Health care has always been about something bigger than politics: it's about the character of our country. https://t.co/UqLO14Hef7

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Senator Bob Casey

This scheme sells out the middle class, seniors and individuals with disabilities to pay for a tax cut for the wealthy. That's obscene.

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David Corn

Trump: Obama wiretapped me. Trump: I may have secretly recorded Comey. Trump: The real problem is fake news.

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John Fugelsang

If you are THAT repulsed by illegal immigration perhaps you should turn your home over to a Cherokee.

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Kamala Harris

Blocking millions from getting preventive care at Planned Parenthood is wrong. Women in this country will not be silenced on this issue.

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Brian Schatz

This is the part where they cut Medicaid even more than the House bill. https://t.co/UMmFrOSgzA

This is the part where they cut Medicaid even more than the House bill...

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Senator Patty Murray

What is wrong with one hour of debate on every #Trumpcare amendment offered? Why can't @SenatoeGOP commit to that? https://t.co/ALoZtqsMNv

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Red T Raccoon

I did something that I doubt our Senators have done. I read the #HealthcareBill. They're too busy talking on TV.… https://t.co/Ie8yjq7C2y

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Brian Schatz

This is the part that repeals essential health benefits which include mental health, hospitalization, and maternity. https://t.co/2rOhoAQwre

This is the part that repeals essential health benefits which include...

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Kyle Griffin

41 days after Trump sent this tweet, he confirms he has no recordings of his Comey conversations. https://t.co/yMsXAOmkbP

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Amy Siskind

It's official. @realDonaldTrump is officially a liar and an intimidator of witnesses (obstruction of justice)! https://t.co/oeY3jrAh15

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Judd Legum

Senate’s health care bill shreds Medicaid and essential health benefits, and more https://t.co/fnMvLoYRPW

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Mikel Jollett

The AHCA includes lifetime coverage caps. If reached, a patient can lose health care IN THE MIDDLE OF CHEMO. For a rich man's tax cut.

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Mikel Jollett

The men the left want the child on the right to give them his money. THAT is the AHCA. https://t.co/mykXxDWaDF

The men the left want the child on the right to give them his money....

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Tom Perez

It doesn't matter if GOP health care repeal ends Medicaid expansion tomorrow or in 10 years—it would still strip mi… https://t.co/wP2A6nAtO8

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Tony Stark 2017 💥

#ThursdayThoughts #StopTrumpcare Ripping it away from 23 million people. Killing 1 million jobs. It's just wrong.… https://t.co/LonwzAT4so

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Seth Abramson

If you STRONGLY OPPOSE the GOP stealing healthcare from 23 million Americans and decimating Medicaid, RETWEET this… https://t.co/4f5VkxkR2X

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Red T Raccoon

I can think of an example where a poor person did much more than be in charge of the economy. Wealth has nothing t… https://t.co/W9fS96ksFi

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