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Social Change and Labor Activist for Life. Executive Director of @NationalNurses United, the Largest U.S. Organization of Nurses.

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David Sirota

Disgusting https://t.co/GCC5h1DrEo

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RoseAnn DeMoro

It is inhumane & immoral that people in this country cannot afford to get healthcare they need even if they have in… https://t.co/ln6sk3NFMe

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Healthcare is one of the many concerns of community members here at the Asian Community Town Hall in Richmond CA to… https://t.co/v8rFJ77Srd

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Asian Community Townhall w @APEN4EJ in Richmond happening now. Educating about why we need to pass #SB562 for a… https://t.co/ea37QiANri

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RoseAnn DeMoro

#ACA and #AHCA leave millions uninsured. #SinglePayer covers all! Join the fight to pass #SB562 in CA:… https://t.co/ihwUD9iPTp

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Americans are crowd-funding FOR THEIR LIVES. Many will die unnecessarily until we have #MedicareForAll! #SavetheACA… https://t.co/NtHrLpysPb

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RoseAnn DeMoro

"We need to continue to push for a progressive vision that includes #SinglePayer." - @ArturoCarmona running for… https://t.co/5ycDZruX7X

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RoseAnn DeMoro

House leaders postpone vote on GOP #healthcare bill: https://t.co/XsF9aB75iH #AHCA The people should revolt until… https://t.co/VqKvRAwJA0

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RoseAnn DeMoro

A family making less than $10k will lose $1,420 if #AHCA passes. Families making $200k or more would gain $5,640.… https://t.co/p8NnyLf5uB

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Bonnie Castillo

Patients are held hostage by the insurance industry, 28 million left out of access to healthcare, #MedicareForAll leaves no one out.

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RoseAnn DeMoro

A rupture in the #KeystoneXL pipeline would pollute fresh drinking water for 20 million people:… https://t.co/zzruz3IOzz

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Live at 10am @NNUBonnie and Dr. Paul Song discuss the potential #ACA repeal & #Medicare4All:… https://t.co/IHGt6in1AB

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Nurse to GOP: People Will Die https://t.co/WcgB2yxOiY via @RightsVT

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Join @NationalNurses in standing w/@BCTGM against the outsourcing of American jobs: https://t.co/xTbMzdk69H… https://t.co/sixaxny6vi

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RoseAnn DeMoro

We are going to be quite happy to lay this out for @JerryBrownGov @Johnmeyers24. https://t.co/xzPY0xc3H0

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RoseAnn DeMoro

#Nurses wanted to tell their Rep, @DanaRohrabacher, that the #ACHA will hurt their patients. His staff insulted and… https://t.co/p55lMGoqAi

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Nurses visit @RepPoliquin to ask him to oppose #AHCA & support #MedicareForAll! RNs witness suffering caused by a… https://t.co/xtX4QNNFAz

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California Nurses

#Nurses stand w/ @ArturoCarmona who is running for #CA34. RNs know he will work hard to fix our broken #healthcare… https://t.co/7wdt8vsWm2

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Since the 90's, we've lost 90% of bumble #bees. Defunding the #EPA will only exacerbate this problem. #ScienceMarch https://t.co/Nz3rDX7DMY

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