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Social Change and Labor Activist for Life. Executive Director of @NationalNurses United, the Largest U.S. Organization of Nurses.

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Charles Idelson

Will be a real solace to the insurance industry and puts @Rendon63rd in league with Congress in abandoning millions… https://t.co/D5g6wUcCPz

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Speaker @Rendon63rd waited until 5pm Friday to announce his decision to shelve #SB562 - a #SinglePayer healthcare b… https://t.co/6ff0EWezsV

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Dems need to invest in progressives, organize communities instead of dropping millions on consultants… https://t.co/QodxMSn7hs

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Follow @janeosanders' new think tank, @TheSandersInst! #FridayFeeling #FF https://t.co/xA5KCMsPB0

Follow @janeosanders' new think tank, @TheSandersInst! #FridayFeeling...

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Candidate for Maryland governor, @BenJealous: “I’m committed to getting #SinglePayer.” #FridayFeeling #healthcare https://t.co/uPDQOZW5Ua

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Forum w/@RepBarbaraLee & @keithellison TOMORROW, Oakland: https://t.co/0T2wIMwxwi Let's call on them to be the pro… https://t.co/8BRatj7TWn

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RoseAnn DeMoro

#AskVan why he isn't running for office... https://t.co/Umvn2O95Z9

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Go @kenbaumann #MedicareForAll #SinglePayer #PeopleWhoAreInterestedInStayingAlive https://t.co/v1YDQO49Tk

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RoseAnn DeMoro

.@BernieSanders will tour the country to rally Americans against Senate GOP #HealthcareBill that will hurt millions. https://t.co/b47y7MnPuN

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RoseAnn DeMoro

.@ninaturner talks to organizer from WV: "Rural America feels ignored.. they don't have clean water."… https://t.co/IQ0yIbi7Ow

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RoseAnn DeMoro

.@democracynow's Amy Goodman: #MedicareForAll, aka #SinglePayer, is the healthcare answer: https://t.co/fEVPPOTFI3.… https://t.co/ZiuulsD1ET

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Dems call on Tom Perez to resign as Party continues to push corporate candidates, ignore members:… https://t.co/HwVzzKvQzF

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RoseAnn DeMoro

.@theintercept.com. @lhfang Wonder why I feel gamed every morning when I read the news? https://t.co/J1idFtJUeE by @lhfang

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RoseAnn DeMoro

This is like Triple crazy. Cher, Nancy, Breitbart.. https://t.co/8PurNQXzyQ via @BreitbartNews

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RoseAnn DeMoro

.@billmaher Yep. #Reps gutting all, #Dems still trying to posture on the unaffordable #ACA instead of #SinglePayer… https://t.co/U3bevSYE83

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Travis Ruger

Wise words. #GA06 https://t.co/dgfItOPQhI

Wise words.    #GA06 https://t.co/dgfItOPQhI

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RoseAnn DeMoro

.@cidelson: “Ossoff, who opposed #SinglePayer, represents the blockhead mentality of so many of the corporate Dems.” https://t.co/XO2cQET58b

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David Sirota

The healthcare debate pits a party that enriched insurance companies against a party that aims to throw millions off of healthcare. America.

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RoseAnn DeMoro

.@ShaunKing: We are losing the battle against police brutality in America: https://t.co/6qmGWweegG.… https://t.co/pPMs8dVex5

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Police haul disabled protestors away from @SenateMajLdr Mitch McConnell's office, blood on floor:… https://t.co/IzmC8EYOTm

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