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Publisher/Managing Editor at @PoliticusUSA. SAG/AFTRA “Scandalous trash” – Rick Perry campaign Header: Jim Lawrence

Pennsylvania, USA

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Sarah Reese Jones

GOP Smoke Screen Falls Apart: Devin Nunes Won't Deny The Source For His Wiretap Claim Was Trump via @politicususa https://t.co/QUqd2dVZeT

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Sarah Reese Jones

GOP Smoke Screen Falls Apart: Devin Nunes Won't Deny The Source For His Wiretap Claim Was Trump @politicususa https://t.co/QUqd2dVZeT #ctl

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Sarah Reese Jones

Democrats To Block Gorsuch And Force Republicans To Get 60 Votes For Supreme Court Nominee via @politicususa https://t.co/2kZi2WVEMV

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Robert Franek

"The evidence is leading this investigation, it points both circumstantially – & now possibly quite directly – to c… https://t.co/twoXyHiyPt

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Sarah Reese Jones

The latest Sarah Jones! https://t.co/i1K1WE2xla #ctl #p2

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Sarah Reese Jones

Russia Scandal Causes Roger Stone to Freak Out and Threaten Spankings via @politicususa https://t.co/k6xPlCMGJv

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Latinas continue to struggle to afford services. ACA has helped close the gap&improve health of our comunidad.… https://t.co/P1w1ESBif7

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Sarah Reese Jones

But why pay for insurance that isn't going to cover much? Oh, logic. HUSH. https://t.co/8dg1FxyZxv

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Sarah Reese Jones

Well, Pelosi is actually good at her job. And Democrats let debate over Ocare go on for a year. https://t.co/5gV5S11jEx

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Sarah Reese Jones

totes shocking https://t.co/y66PecEwoE

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Jeffrey Young

Sorry, but today's the 7th anniversary of Obama signing the ACA, and thumbing him in the eye outweighs knowing what… https://t.co/oJsp9Jd1Yw

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Sarah Reese Jones

Pundits did this over the Obamacare roll out as well, never getting that people didn't care about a glitch.They wer… https://t.co/ep7rcvcF6W

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Sarah Reese Jones

Don't know why everyone is so upset. If you never need medical care, #AHCA is great. It's an incentive to never get sick, old or have a baby

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Sarah Reese Jones

"Prolife" y'all https://t.co/MNi3717aA5

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Morgan Fairchild

London attacker British-born and once under extremist probes, British leader says https://t.co/8xccQ8ndit

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Sarah Reese Jones

An Increasingly Out of Control Donald Trump Takes A Swing at Reality and Misses via @politicususa https://t.co/Fo0VzL1WXa

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Elliott Lusztig

This tweet says: I am helping the Trump campaign weaponize the illegal hack of the Clinton campaign by our foreign… https://t.co/j6t854RaEx

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Sarah Reese Jones

good morning projection https://t.co/0L2pt09DsH

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Sarah Reese Jones

The Investigator Gets Investigated As Rep. Elijah Cummings Calls For Probe Of Devin Nunes via @politicususa https://t.co/EFWy9UqFng

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Gabe Ortíz

Brand-new Energy @SecretaryPerry is still spending his time obsessing about gay people. https://t.co/V4IKUee5U5

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