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THIS DAY IN HISTORY: The #seaplane made its first successful flight #flyingboat #TDIH https://t.co/UBGRqk4aaB

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Shepard Smith

.@POTUS said today that his new executive order will roll back regulations on coal and help create new jobs for… https://t.co/uVO8hel4Gd

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Shepard Smith

American-backed forces are going after ISIS in Iraq, but a new report indicates any progress comes at a huge humani… https://t.co/ezVPnz8yrm

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Shepard Smith

.@realDonaldTrump signed an executive order designed to dismantle some of the most significant #climatechange polic… https://t.co/n8kjWPcqSz

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Shepard Smith

.@PressSec today talked about Russian salad dressing while pushing back against reporters' #RussiaInvestigation que… https://t.co/LnpcKALxwT

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Shepard Smith

MORE: @SkyNews spoke to a British deserter who says he regrets joining #ISIS https://t.co/YircGrBn6U

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Shepard Smith

ICYMI: @SkyNews’ latest exclusive report on the bloody battle for the last major #ISIS stronghold in #Iraq https://t.co/8eS37l6whm

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Shepard Smith

COMING UP: New exclusive video of intense fighting on the ground in #Iraq as more US troops prepare to join the bat… https://t.co/7TFgQuoWoA

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Shepard Smith

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: #UOregon became the first champions of #MarchMadness 78 years ago today #TDIH https://t.co/vShkbsT8cL

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Shepard Smith

.@PressSec today said @POTUS is “absolutely” open to working with #Democrats to pass #HealthCareReform #FOXNews… https://t.co/1mBU1HyAWk

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Shepard Smith

Despite previously taking issue with leaks and anonymous sources, @WhiteHouse says it doesn’t have same concerns ab… https://t.co/WKYivoG5lm

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Shepard Smith

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Sky News Chief Correspondent @ramsaysky reports on a narrow escape from an ISIS suicide bomb: https://t.co/Gy5GhEre3g

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Shepard Smith

.@SkyNews Special Correspondent @AlexCrawfordSky reports on fighting inside the last major #ISIS stronghold in #Iraq https://t.co/CO92Gi8dTw

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Shepard Smith

MORE: @SkyNews Correspondent @sparkomat reports on the thousands of #refugees escaping the fighting in Iraq https://t.co/lawUx73cN8

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Shepard Smith

COMING UP: Shep reports on U.S. military sending more troops to #Iraq, with @SkyNews exclusive video of intense fig… https://t.co/M0uP36t5Pg

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Shepard Smith

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: In 1989 the #ExxonValdez oil tanker hit a reef in #Alaska and set off one of America’s worst o… https://t.co/3HDbAipMaj

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Shepard Smith

Tourists spent thousands of dollars on an eight-hour flight, just to look out the window! @lillianaw12 has details… https://t.co/0K65qBFttc

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Shepard Smith

.@SpeakerRyan says he advised @POTUS to pull the #GOPHealthCareBill, and #PresidentTrump agreed #FOXNews… https://t.co/n2x2kx9JfT

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Shepard Smith

Here’s what #HouseIntel Cmte top lawmakers @DevinNunes & @RepAdamSchiff said about the cancellation of a hearing on… https://t.co/yF4p1QLIPY

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Chad Pergram

Now that the health care issue is temporarily sidelined, next big issue is whether Senate will use nuclear option to help confirm Gorsuch

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