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I make stuff up for a living. It's not real, okay? Don't tweet me your craziness. TED Talk: https://t.co/5umN1SrWYs, checkout https://t.co/b2ER8LcF6e


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Shonda Rhimes Reimagines Greeting Cards for Minted! https://t.co/iPQlo1xyFI

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shonda rhimes

Thanks to my #Minted50 challenge I have discovered my newest passion: Writing birthday cards. Get creative at… https://t.co/SotUgJvKRT

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Tony Goldwyn

Omaha is what happens when you call POTUS Boy. #Scandal #tgit

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shonda rhimes

I love this end sequence so very much. This call. The families that could have been. Celebrating a good day's work. Bitter sweet. #TheCatch

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shonda rhimes

Oh no. That is NOT something you do via e-mail. #TheCatch #TGIT

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shonda rhimes

This car hacking situation? is the PEAK of @shondalandTV lady badassery and awesomeness. #TheCatch #TGIT

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shonda rhimes

Mhmm. This mama is NOT messing around about cake time. Because priorities. #TheCatch #TGIT

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Ellen DeGeneres

I’m proud of my wife for her epic performance on #Scandal. I will miss Lizzie Bear, but I’m glad Portia Bear is sitting right next to me.

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shonda rhimes

She is taking RISKS. Flying close to the sun. American accent and all. And I LOVE it. #TheCatch #TGIT

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The Catch

#TheCatch starts now! Please retweet if you're watching! #TGIT

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shonda rhimes

#SCANDAL @portiaderossi https://t.co/Wo7BypjIoB

#SCANDAL @portiaderossi https://t.co/Wo7BypjIoB

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shonda rhimes

And here is where we need Diana Ross to sing us Ain’t No Mountain. For THIS moment. And this time? It’s not a fantasy... #SCANDAL

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shonda rhimes

Because of ALL the chilling things we have seen this season? Cyrus drinking beer is actually up there. #SCANDAL #TGIT

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shonda rhimes

Yes people. That is our yangchuanosaurus. I love few things more than I love our yangchuanosaurus. I have the best job in the WORLD #SCANDAL

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shonda rhimes

She did, in fact, say that she’d never speak to him again. "The bill has to be paid." Heartbreak. #SCANDAL #TGIT

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shonda rhimes

And there he is! On the mend. Back to work …In Liv’s robe. #SCANDAL #TGIT

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shonda rhimes

I love this moment, where Cyrus flashes through all the pain and shuts those blinds. Shuts the world out. Shuts US out. #SCANDAL #TGIT

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shonda rhimes

They have boarded this ENTIRE season of #SCANDAL. All that we have learned and seen and suffered. All the questions. #TGIT

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shonda rhimes

New #SCANDAL in 30 min! #TheCatch to follow! (#GreysAnatomy returns NEXT week) EAST COAST, live tweet w/ me! WEST COAST: beware spoilers...

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shonda rhimes

PEOPLE. Now is your chance. #AskSonya! She answers in five. Then? Watch #TheCatch tonight after #SCANDAL! It's… https://t.co/3gfHPuDv5F

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