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Proud TEXAN and AMERICAN patriot #2a #prolife #Trump2016 #TrumpPence16 Fuck Islam and PC. Don't mess with Texas!

Texas, USA

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Khalid Masood was born in Kent, England. He's one of the "integrated ones". That means that the Muslims can't be as… https://t.co/AVX0Y7xtMB

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ISIS claims responsibility for London terrorist attack. Attacker identified as Khalid Masood, 52-year-old "Briton".… https://t.co/gnTnSPuR76

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"The threat of terror attacks is part of living in a big city" ~ @SadiqKhan Sure. Definitely not because you floode… https://t.co/qM9qKS88cd

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Nunes: Trump transition members were under surveillance during Obama administration So Comey LIED UNDER OATH to Con… https://t.co/IkEhnq145L

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The main difference between Muslims and Christians. #PrayForLondon #Parliament #Westminster https://t.co/pefnYY090L

The main difference between Muslims and Christians.
#PrayForLondon #Pa...

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Turkish president warns Europeans: "You will not be able to walk safely anywhere in the world." https://t.co/Fzb8SVVfdj #PrayForLondon

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CNN deliberately hiding the truth #Westminster #PrayForLondon https://t.co/nbFZJKsdQB

CNN deliberately hiding the truth
#Westminster #PrayForLondon https://...

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Muslim woman pays no mind to the terror attack, casually walks by a dying man while checking phone #PrayForLondon… https://t.co/qRYpyzDhcR

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In 1952 ISLAM WAS NOT ALLOWED IN AMERICA because immigration WITHOUT assimilation IS INVASION. #PrayForLondon… https://t.co/nhw2uhImuQ

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Abu Izzadeen represents all of the Muslim faith. Underdeveloped cult of hate and death 🐷☪️ #PrayForLondon… https://t.co/vPgoVMeK33

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Islam NEEDS TO BE OUTLAWED everywhere before it's too late! #PrayForLondon

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Abu Izzadeen's 2010 press conference. What a horrible creature. And he was allowed to preach in England LEGALLY.… https://t.co/j0X6Z1pp0m

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UPDATE: London terrorist identified as Islamic cleric Abu Izzadeen who was sentenced to jail in January for hate p… https://t.co/Zw9uNpzB7H

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Photo of alleged terrorist in London. It seems like he's a Muslim. Islam is a cult of death. It needs to be banned… https://t.co/Kt4lEPZk6j

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Islamic cleric explains in detail how Muslims should divide Infidels as slaves after victory of Jihad. Islam must… https://t.co/HLH9YbkS6Q

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If your daily diet consists of this, you're probably from Texas! https://t.co/DJxCHL80hW

If your daily diet consists of this, you're probably from Texas! https...

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Ex Iraqi officer tells @POTUS to keep on pushing ahead & says he's doing the right thing protecting America from ra… https://t.co/GMB7qLo4zH

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No, we can. I don't want the Muslims coming to the US and I still stay Christian ✝️ #GorsuchHearing #TheNewsIn4Words https://t.co/ylBGBedNxI

No, we can.
I don't want the Muslims coming to the US and I still stay...

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Texas Lone Star

RT 🔁 if you think proof of citizenship and a photo ID should be REQUIRED to vote! #TravelTuesday #GorsuchHearing… https://t.co/zwO4N0btCV

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