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Grumpy Habs fan. Lover of memes. Love bringing more people into the conversation! I will follow you back.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Stephen Puddicombe

rocking story by jack Julian & Lu Xu (King's) way to go Lu! https://t.co/rABt4uRIxS

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Facebook will start training local journalists and newsrooms https://t.co/K19f7T2ctc "They seem to be listening..." https://t.co/Dk0wu1rJts

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Scott Matla

Happy Birthday to the Lord @jpbyron89! https://t.co/3XHUAIRtcy

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.@noahjuulsen had a solid pro debut - my postgame interview with him will be posted at @TheAHLReport so watch out f… https://t.co/VQn5jEfJzW

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Sarah Abdallah

🙃 https://t.co/DIWnVtxa2z

🙃 https://t.co/DIWnVtxa2z

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Sarah Abdallah

Your foundation robbed Haiti blind and took money from petrodollar tyrannies like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Nice phot… https://t.co/uapBiiAkdP

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Maher Arar

@peteralper99 @sdpuddicombe @MtRoyalSoccer My son's team played a friendly against the U15 Impact team last weekend… https://t.co/cqdqQ2aZd3

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Peter Alper

If you are interested in writing about the Montreal Impact for @MtRoyalSoccer DM me or email me at: peteralper99@hotmail.com #IMFC

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Stephen Puddicombe

OMG my twitter Analytics are going to nose dive with no Habs to follow https://t.co/helfkvb2h0

OMG my twitter  Analytics are going to nose dive with no Habs to follo...

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Nancy Rubin

Calling all law students. https://t.co/YPN4vJv1oM

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Julia C. K.

"Because people are assholes" is the simplest answer for so many of life's burning questions.

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Halifax News

Outbreak of respiratory virus linked to six deaths at Halifax nursing home - Globalnews.ca - https://t.co/iGU3fwy7sy

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Alexander Skelton

#cdnpoli *sigh* If only there was a GIF to perfectly sum up Kevin O'Leary's Canadian political career.. https://t.co/UPnCiA4YQM

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One Perfect Shot

We regret to share the news that Jonathan Demme, Oscar winner for ’The Silence of the Lambs’ and a concert film mas… https://t.co/uRXKPJ1Bt7

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Welcome Place

Take part in @UNHCRCanada's #FromHometoHome campaign, celebrating #Canada's 150th Anniversary. #Refugees… https://t.co/FE8QkGYsD4

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the painter flynn

Today in 1958 the B&Os Royal Blue from Wash. D.C. to NYC after 68 years, makes it's final run,1st U.S. passenger tr… https://t.co/73obKyJXbw

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