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Twitter friend to over 1,800,000 of the sexiest mofos on Earth. 60% water.

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Zach Braff

This is where I was conceived. Not in the park, but.... nearby. https://t.co/aroH4rgZul

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Zach Braff

McConnell knows people will die from this. He's educated. But man that fella wants a tax cut.

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Zach Braff

He was right, it's mean.

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Zach Braff

Anyone know how to get a fidget spinner out of an adult male rectum? Asking for a friend.

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Zach Braff

Nothing matters anymore. At least we have a Ken doll with a man-bun. https://t.co/UEm4PqJKHG

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Zach Braff

These two came up in the writers' room today. Anyone know the name of the owl robot? https://t.co/9HvSQr6xUY

These two came up in the writers' room today. Anyone know the name of...

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Zach Braff

Things I like that you might too: Movie: Baby Driver TV: Master of None (S2) Song: "May I Have This Dance" (remix)

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Zach Braff

Coming to NYC tomorrow; anyone need anything?

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Amanda DeibertπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

which new Ken are you? Bisexual model, Rachel Maddow, "Bernie Would Have Won", 15 yr old app developer, hottest les… https://t.co/1Z7qUFx0wv

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Officially jumping into summer! #FirstDayOfSummer #Gardenstate @zachbraff https://t.co/htaBwkeYt2

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Zach Braff

*starts tequila company.

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Zach Braff

Williamsburg. https://t.co/IDjLWlqFBK

Williamsburg. https://t.co/IDjLWlqFBK

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Jon Ossoff

We're not done until every voter in every line has voted. If you're in line by the time polls close, you will be allowed to vote.

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Samuel L. Jackson

Ga Voters, get out there & VOTE OSSOFF!! The Future is now, make a Change!! You're our First Step on the Road to Recovery!!!

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Zach Braff

#FirstGifComesUpForYourName https://t.co/5HruvfUic5

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Zach Braff

New Ken doll has a man-bun. Climbing back into bed. https://t.co/AiuPUxS7hM

New Ken doll has a man-bun. Climbing back into bed. https://t.co/AiuPU...

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Scott Dworkin

Q: Why do u think gay parents aren't as legitimate as hetero parents? Karen Handel: Because I don't. #FlipThe6th… https://t.co/zln5oyypuL

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